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Posted On: Tuesday - September 4th 2018 10:43AM MST
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That's not "the big time", but Big Time, like Big Gov, Big Ed, Big Biz etcetra...

Jean-Claude Juncker, titular* head of the European Union (not shown above, might might as well be) has come out with a proposal. The EU, he says (some Irish news web site), should stay on Daylight time, with no "falling back" and "springing forward". That's probably a good idea, in my opinion to be presented in a bit here, but part of that opinion is that it really should be none of Commissioner Junker's business. This one is just a small thing, but it's just very ironic that Commissioner Junker noted how "we carried out survey ..." and then "I will recommend to the commission that, if you ask the citizens then you have to do what the citizens say."

Oh, yeah, Junker, did you do a survey on submitting to foreign invasion from Africa and the Middle East? How about a survey on whether nations can opt out easily from your bureaucratic, domineering EU shitshow? I have not seen the results of such surveys, as of press time. You Euroweenies in Brussels have a lot of damn gall with this "ask the citizens" bit on Daylight Savings Time. It's not quite the big, existential question for the European people as is their replacement by people of the 3rd world. I believe this is tiny tidbit from the masters to the common dogs under EU control to make them believe that "You are the EU".

Yeaaaahhh! [/Cosmo Kramer]

With that initial rant over with, let me discuss this issue for a bit, as something completely different from our normal stupidity coverage, and than segue back to another rant. I got on this subject from Steve Sailer here on unz and the comments thereunder have a good discussion of the pros and cons for different locations (latitudes and longitudes and cultural aspects). Even in the same country, with the same official "hours", people are different. Some people can't get up when it's dark. Some can't sleep when it's still light. Yeah, I GET THAT!

However, no matter what you do with the clocks, nobody is gaining or losing any daylight – we all know that, I hope. The Daylight Savings Time program that was implemented during WWII in the US was done for energy savings, having to do with the "burning" of lights in the evenings. There was rationing and shortages even in the good old US during those years, and the start of a program like this in the still-very-free US shows that indeed, war is the health of the state. Without a big war going on, Americans during the 1940's would have rightly figured "why are our daily schedules any business of the Feral Gov?" Nowadays, energy usage is different in so many ways. Though people may try to frame the DST/Standard Time program as a savings in some way, I'd sure like to see the massive calculations, which would change drastically with location.

I won't get into the details, lots of which are discussed in that Sailer post's comments. I do want to bring up China though: China has one time zone. As discussed some in A tale of 2 Countries (for picking blackberries), that country is not really as wide East-West as you might imagine from the maps, as most everyone is in the eastern 60% – the rest is Tibet and Xinjiang(?), which is just desolate mountains and high desert.

Having only one time zone to encompass a big country** is not some great idea or doing anything magical or smart. It may work well for airline schedules and the like. As far as daily life though, if you live in Chengdu, fairly far west, you’re not gonna start work at 8A when the sun doesn’t come up until 9:30. People and business will make the hours fit the human body. That means people still have to keep track of different hours of people in places that are far apart in longitude when doing business.

There’s no perfect way on this. That’s why we have our retard phones to tell us what time it is along with when our facebook friends had their last bowel movements.

As far as the semi-annual switching goes, why should the government be let to run your life like this, getting you running around the house switching the clocks? It’s a lot more trouble than that (as a computer-type in the comments already wrote) for software, airline scheduling, payroll departments, etc.

If people in Seattle, let’s say, want to have more daylight in the morning in winter for the safety of the school kids, then they can change the school schedule whatever date they want and switch it back whatever date they want. If I run a softball league, I can make the games start earlier in the late fall. You don’t have to go switching the “official” time – just change your schedules to suit the sun and the needs of your students, employees, or softball players.

What is so bad about letting people make their own decisions about when to get up? No, it seems to be all "the government needs to …" and "the government shouldn’t do …" The government doesn't need to do squat. We are intelligent humanoids and can figure out when TF to wake up and go to sleep and what the best schedule for our businesses and leisure activities should be. Don’t let the Feral Government live rent-free in your heads, people! They already steal 2 to 4 hours of the fruits of your daily labor, whether it’s daylight or standard time.

* Peak Stupidity has not had the resources to actually look up that word, but we like the sound of it. We'll try to use it as often as it is appropriate.

** BUT, BUT, CHILE! No, I can't argue with that. It's almost like Simon Bolivar, the guy who made up most of the countries down there, wanted to make at least one place where people would have no excuse for not being on time. Yeah, I know, that's not gonna stop them down there. (OK, I do get the Pacific Ocean/Andes natural borders thing too. It worked out great for the Chileans.)

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