TBA may be the "death sentence for thousands of women"

Posted On: Thursday - August 30th 2018 6:44PM MST
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Per the NRA mag, America's First Freedom, Women's March Pre-Bashes Trump SCOTUS Pick. What a title that is, so let me explain. These women are too lazy to actually march, so "Women's March" is the just the name of an anti-gun group. The term "pre-bashing" is something to be explained in a minute here, and SCOTUS is that weird-ass acronym for Supreme Court Of The United States. That's really not necessary, as we all know which Supreme Court we are all talking about.

The short blurb says that this group had already made up their talking points against the next Supreme Court nominee before they even knew who the nominee was going to be. That would be Brett Kavanaugh, but the statement by the group had just "XX" as a placeholder and was unfortunately released with everything but the name (of a guy they didn't know yet). They should have use the more common "TBA" for To Be Announced, at least. This just shows the blatant agenda against anyone to be appointed by President Trump. Sure, they may rightly figure that the appointee will most likely not be on their side. However, when you have all the details in your statement ahead of time, well, we know your agenda. Here's the pre-bashing stupidity:
In response to Donald Trump's nomination of XX to the Supreme Court of the United States, The Women's March released the following statement: Trump's announcement today [ of a guy they didn't know yet] is a death sentence for thousands of women in the United States
Whew, ever exaggerated any, March ladies? Really, you are so lucky to be living in a time and in a country which has a Constitution that prohibits just that, a man in power that could indeed decide to just sentence you all to death.

It so happens that in our glorious Constitution, the best founding document of a country ever written (by all white men, BTW), there is one line in Article 1, Section 9 that states:
No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.
A "Bill of Attainder" is a law written solely to apply to a certain individual or group. If we didn't have that pesky Constitution, President Trump could indeed decide that these women are a hindrance to the nation's well-being and should be terminated with prejudice. Article 1 sets limits on Congress, and Section 9 there prevents a law from being enforced that would single out the "Women's March". It'd be the Supreme Court, in fact, that would determine if any certain law was indeed a Bill of Attainder.

Here, though, these hypocrites want to block a Supreme Court nominee who is too big a defender of the Constitution because of one part that hurts their feeelings! Yeah, how about a "Man's March against Article 1/Section 9", ladies? How would that make you feel, knowing we may write up a law just for you ladies? Don't go babbling on about a "death sentence", especially if you believe in jinxes.

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