Land's End jumps the Sheep

Posted On: Tuesday - August 28th 2018 3:57PM MST
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Some posts just write themselves. This one and the previous one would be good examples. The humor comes out easily, and so does the anger - see that last one.

The picture above is from the latest Land's End catalog. I don't know; it just comes in the mail. Their marketing staff and powerhouse IT department have calculated that our household consists of yuppies... money not well spent. Perhaps the stuff inside is like J. Peterman, but I didn't open it - I just had to get this cover into the scanner.

Granted this blog is located in neither Australia nor New Zealand, but do these writers get out at all? Or, do they get the joke and are just pushing new frontiers (via the Overton Window) in sexual relations. What is the Land's End cover trying to say here? Is it that the women is so hot that the sheep will be jealous from lack of amorous attention from that guy? She is cute, in a sheepy sort of way, but, you know, she's standing straight up-right - what's up with THAT?

Even if I'd kept the catalog - 40% OFF YOUR ORDER - I'd better not order anything - we don't have any sheep in the neighborhood, but the whole thing just creeps me out. I guess, being a curmudgeon and all, I'm just not ready. BTLG (Bacon Lettuce and Tomato with Guacamole on the side) is something I could get used to, but BLTGQWETY-SHEEP? You've gotta draw the line somewhere, and that's Land's End.

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