Psychopathic, ex-Nazi, Commie Globalist disses Donald Trump ...

Posted On: Thursday - December 29th 2016 12:16PM MST
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... as a "would-be Dictator".

Infowars writes about this AntiChrist runner-up. This quote of Soros is pretty egregious:

"Soros writes that in voting for Trump, Americans “elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president,” and that his defeat of Hillary Clinton means America will be “unable to protect and promote democracy in the rest of the world” (because that policy worked so well in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya)."

I beg to disagree with this supposed Esteemed Elite Global Leader:

Listen you stupid globalist cunt!, wait, serenity now, OK, a country that is ~ $20,000,000,000,000 in the hole - not counting future obligations - really shouldn't be spreading anything around the world, besides possibly letters or emails of apology to it's bondholders, maybe like "hey, listen, you fucked up, OK, you trusted us; we're truly sorry." Lots of the rest of the world can't handle democracy and, as for us, we can't either - we're supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. As, Mr. Watson, the writer above says, this ain't working out.

How many millions of people are dead because of this guy (with the help of the US State Dept)?:

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