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Posted On: Monday - August 27th 2018 7:03AM MST
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Never built "the dang fence":

Peak Stupidity has said most of what needs to be said about this traitor to Americans just over a year back, when the Senator was diagnosed with cancer. Just to clear up why we would stoop so low as to Speak Dead of the Ill, or now, to speak ill of the dead, we will repeat what has been stated probably a number of times on the Peak Stupidity Blog, in regard to the passing of Ted, U-Boat Commander, Ken nedy additionally:
It'd be one thing ifhe were just a retired, possibly reclusive old man living out his life by this point. I wouldn't go into mourning for his death IN ANY SENSE, but I couldn't see any reason to write or say much about it besides "hey, John McCain (Ted Kennedy) died, did you hear?" That's not the case. This guy was a US Senator, one out of 100, and one of the most influential ones, until the day he died. If his dying is the only way for Americans to be rid of his influence and power, then, yes, I'm glad he died!
Yep, that's the way I do feel about it. Senator McAmnesty, as you might be able to tell per my disparaging nomenclature, is someone who's had a bad influence on America. There are stories about what went on with the man in the US Navy and in Vietnam, 50 years back, some of which makes him out to be the cause of deaths and demoralization during that war (especially regarding the MIAs). I am no expert on that history, so I should be inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Not much of what he did influenced the country as a whole until he became a politician, so it's the last 30 years or so that I'm remembering McCain by.

This man's arrogance for his countrymen, especially seen during his flip-flopping on the illegal alien problem is what I remember. It wasn't flip-flopping based on goofiness or general stupidity. Nope, McCain would say one thing, "build the dang fence." in a re-election commercial, then join one of those "gangs of 8" groups to come a c-hair away from pushing through a massive amnesty bill, with regular Americans defeating these bills via direct pressure to the head(s) (yes, you can make a difference.) The arrogance came into play when he would run for election, spouting lies, knowing people don't have long enough memories to remember them and his breaking his word 6 years later.

As possibly the biggest neocon, warmongering Senator in the whole operation they've got there in the FS (Federal Shithole), the amount of deaths around the world that McCain caused should make one wonder if he learned a damn thing in that prison in Hanoi, N. Vietnam ... something like "We've got to stop Communism from taking over the world, but this invading, carpet-bombing, and napalming is not winning over the people, it seems. Maybe installing our own puppet leaders is a bad idea too." Like lots of the Neocons, I guess, once the Cold War was won, they felt that no matter what we did militarily, nobody can stop us anymore, so let's just get this guy Saddam, who, per this Steve Sailer post with an Atlantic interview exceprt, McCain HATED HATED HATED, saying "He ruled through murder. Didn’t we learn from Hitler that we can’t let that happen?" Hey, unlike Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein was not in the middle of (arguably) taking over Europe, so how was the Iraqi government our business again? There was much less reason for that war than for the Vietnam War, and that's what I mean by stating the guy learned nothing.

Now, a bit about Sarah Palin, McCain's running-mate for President in 2008. John McCain has said disparaging things about the lady, but the biggest untruth in that is his contention that she cost him the election! No, that was not exactly the case, as McCain decided to play ball and not be called names by the Lyin' Press that loved him, for bringing up Øb☭ma's connections to racist churches and other still-unknowns in that Commie's background. McCain basically threw the election so's he wouldn't be called a racist. Profiles in Courage, indeed! As for the very decent lady, Mrs. Palin and that campaign in 2008, I'll say this: Especially when she first came on the ticket, Sarah Palin was the only thing likely to have gotten me to vote Republican that year. I remember telling someone back then that I couldn’t be assured that McCain would get impeached or die in the first coupla years, so I’d just go ahead and vote Constitution/Libertarian again. (I believe it was Mr. Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution party that year - a good man.) The odds were against me on that gamble, and history (yesterday) proves me out.

Now you know why I am not going to act all dignified about the death of this man, as Steve Sailer did, but not the commenters on Zerohedge:
cayman 08/26/2018 - 02:09

Satan's little helper finally takes the dirt nap.

As if the incalculable MIC evil wasn't enough, he "hand-delivered the controversial 'Steele dossier' to FBI Director James Comey, returned to the Senate in July 2017 after emergency brain surgery to become the deciding vote that killed the GOP's repeal of the Affordable Care Act."

This was one misersable prick.

FireBrander Sat, 08/25/2018 - 21:18

I'm going to fast for a week as only an empty stomach can prevent me from vomiting when I endlessly hear "What a Great Man, Soldier, Patriot and Public Servant John was throughout his life".

silverer css1971 Sun, 08/26/2018 - 05:36

I'll visit John's grave and pray for him after I visit the graves of all the innocent people he was responsible for killing and pray for them first. Looks like I won't have the time to get around to John's grave.

HowdyDoody Sun, 08/26/2018 - 06:37

I would like to offer my deeperst condolences .... to the poor glioblastomer that developed a terminal case of McCainitis. May it rest in peace. It will be remebered and honored.
OK, those were pretty much the tamer ones. There are approximately 1000 more. That never-speaking-ill-of-the-dead meme hasn't seemed to take hold over at zerohedge.

Yeah, those comments could be considered a little overboard. I'd just rather not hear anymore about Juan McAmnesty, that's all I ask.

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