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Posted On: Wednesday - August 15th 2018 9:02PM MST
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Once in a while Peak Stupidity will just save some effort by posting an entire great comment from, well it's been so far, guys writing on the site. So far there have been 2 posts, written as comments by a guy named Mark Green, one about Trump and the Neocons, and another also about America's foreign policy.

There is a commenter that goes by the handle Jack D. who writes prolifically under the Steve Sailer posts. He's a good writer, being always coherent and to the point. Though I don't agree with the guy always, say, 90-95% of the time (85% on a bad day), I wanted to put up this one, maybe not completely related to the post it was under an iSteve post called
"Swedish PM Asks Arsonists 'What the Heck Are You Doing?"
. That title has Mr. Sailer's great humor in it, as it makes fun of the unflappable, always nice, semi-stupidity of the Scandanavians.

The comment here is response to another commenter's embedded tweet about the President's calling one of his disloyal, traitorous staffers a dog, and the problem for the ctrl-left that none of us give a crap about the name calling. Jack D:
At least he didn’t call her a monkey or else they would have to cancel his show.

Oh, wait, they can’t cancel his show – he was elected by the people of the United States to serve for 4 years. This is what really drives the left nuts because they are so used to being able to instantly unperson anyone who has slipped up. One word and you are out. But Trump says one word and then another and another and nothing ever happens to him.

Imagine the shock when the Hillary people unleashed Pussygate and it didn’t work. The expression on their face must have been like the bad guys when they would shoot Superman point blank and he would just stand there with his chest out. And then he would grab their guns and twist the barrel into a pretzel.

Or maybe it was Machado. Machado was going to cause Trump to “self destruct” – he called a woman fat. This is unpardonable – not one single woman in America could ever vote for such a monster. Trump would melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. He would self-destruct. Except he didn’t.

[Jack D.'s Vanity Fair link]

But every day they try again and again even though the election is over – hope is evergreen.
Well put, Jack D. I couldn't find it in a post just now, but Peak Stupidity liked Donald Trump from the get-go for the main reason that he doesn't seem to be a guy easily bullied or blackmailed. We knew he was a playboy. We're beyond caring about whether that is a "problem", as this guy could actually do some good for Americans. I did find a fun post from Inauguration Day in which Peak Stupidity declared President Trump a Righteous Dude.

Yes, we've been up and down on this guy. We've had hopes and disappointments, yes and no feeling on whether this guy has been already neoconned, or deeped state(?), but damn, we still need to wake up each morning thankful that the sick wicked Hildabeast is safely ensconsed in some liquor-and-drug-induced state in some state from away from here, anyway. Could Peak Stupidity do the job better? Of course.

"If I was the President (was the president)
the minute the congress called my name (was the president),
I'd say now who (whooo?) do you think you're foolin'? (who do you think you're foolin'?)
I've got the Presidential Seal, I'm up on the Presidential podium.
My Mama loves me, she loves me, she loves me like a rock."

Loves Me Like a Rock is from Paul Simon's excellent album One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor from way back in 1973, only a couple of years after he broke up from the great duet act with Art Garfunkle. Peak Stupidity featured Paul Simon before, in a serious manner with American Tune , then with a fun song named At the Zoo, and lastly with the more obscure song Only Livin' Boy in New York. Those great backing vocals on Loves me Like a Rock and others on the same album were the singing of the black gospel group The Dixie Hummingbirds.

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