Additional Commentary on Alex Jones vs. The F.A.G.S.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 14th 2018 3:05PM MST
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CEOs of Facebook, Apple, Google, and Spotify, non-respectfully.

The Peak Stupidity blog chimed in on the un-personning of Alex Jones last week. Mr. Jones gets into lots of conspiracy theories, some in error and some not, but this deal is not a conspiracy just due to the lack of secrecy. It was just plain straight-up COLLUSION among the "tech" elites. (I'd be surprised if Alex Jones could even retain his Amazon Prime membership to get free shipping, but then we here at PS don't want Bezos involved just due to: [That's the acronym, and we're sticking to it! - Ed])

Just as an update, Mr. Paul Kersey, the writer of the "stuff black people don't like" blog, has written Immigration Patriotism, Not Conspiracy Theories, Triggered Tech Totalitarians’ Purge of INFOWARS’ Alex Jones. First of all that term "Tech Totalitarians" is a damn good one and may become a topic key here. Now, I'll excerpt a bit of the interesting and well written article. (Kersey took the time to put loads of links in, but I will not here - please read his whole thing.):
Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud, daughter of Indian immigrants, is the latest corporate Cultural Marxist to deny InfoWars’ Alex Jones the traditional Anglo-Saxon freedom of speech [Alex Jones flees to Vimeo, is immediately banned there as well, by Zack Ford, Think Progress, August 13, 2018). But it’s vital to note that this latest example of tech totalitarianism has nothing to do with Jones’ conspiracy theories—and everything to do with Jones’ belated emphasis to immigration patriotism. Bottom line: our Ruling Class is simply desperate to repress awareness of their Election of A New People until it’s too late.

The war on Alex Jones has been incredible to watch, with CNN dedicating multiple months to attack a humble Texan who started out doing a public access TV show in Austin in the late 1990s and ended up playing a major role in the 2016 election, hosting a 30-minute interview with then-candidate Donald Trump before the primaries began. [Donald Trump just did a big interview with a famous conspiracy theorist and was asked about impeaching Obama, by Colin Campbell, Business Insider, December 2, 2015]
It IS the case that many of the tech big social media computer software companies have hired 100's of thousands of foreigners - lots of Orientals , but even more dot-Indians (oh, wait, let me refer to the handy index card "Subcontinentals" - gotta be PC). The dot-Indians especially are nothing if not tribal in their hiring practices. Nice job HR ladies! Many of those now at the top, or the ones who've got that good old entrepreneurial spirit don't give a rat's ass about some kind of fairness deal or respect for freedom of speech. It's not in these people's vocabulary. Of course, only one of the F.A.G.S. up top is a foreigner, so that doesn't comport completely - I guess the guys above are just your normal tech totalitarian assholes.

Peak Stupidity's take on the matter is that this effort to silence the always-controversial voice of Alex Jones has been something the tech totalitarians have been thinking of doing for a while. I don't believe it's just Mr. Jones' coming to see the light on the existential immigration issue. Jones' beliefs in, and constant fighting the battle for, Constitutionalism is something that is HATE HATE HATED by globalist elites of all sectors of the economy, one of them being Big-Gov itself along with it's Big Media sackhangers. However, their noticing of Alex Jone's million-viewer youtube channels enlightening Americans on the imminent immigration catastrophe may have been the thing that set these four F.A.G.S. off. After all, they shouldn't have to put up with a guy exhorting people to stand up for their own existence. Take him off the air!

PS: Every single time in the Kersey article, and other writings about this, when the details are given, the writers use expressions like "removed from" "banned from", etc. Some of those apply, but when you can't reach a site via Linkedin, or what have you, type the freakin' URL in in the address bar, dammit. As I wrote in previous post, if people were less lazy about their usage of software, it'd be harder for Alex Jones and others (coming) to really be un-personned. CLICK HERE FOR ALEX JONES

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