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Posted On: Tuesday - August 14th 2018 10:31AM MST
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  Immigration Stupidity

Yes, you have no bananas! We don't care how long you stay though.

This and the next post will be written in the old point-and-sputter mode. Some of the stuff I've been reading does deserve a quick shout-out*, so Peak Stupidity will get back to semi-original material shortly. A VDare post written by the indefatigable Californian Brenda Walker, gives some numbers to illustrate the major problem of visa overstayers to add to all the rest of the immigration stupidity.

Peak Stupidity remarked on this issue way back during President Trump's State-of-the-Union speech in January. I wrote "remarked" there to admit that my knowledge is anecdotal. Mrs. Walker's post excerpts a Washington Time article that has NUMBERS. We like numbers:
More than 400,000 people came to the U.S. on legal visitor visas in 2017 but were still here six months after their time was up, the government said in a new report Tuesday detailing the less-talked about side of illegal immigration.
(My bold, because, HOLY MOLEY!) That's not just a significant amount but a big part of the influx.
They are a small fraction of the total travelers — slightly more than 1 percent of the nearly 53 million visitors who entered the country last year — but that still amounts to big numbers. Homeland Security said 701,900 people blew past their departure dates in fiscal year 2017.

Of those, more than 600,000 were still in the country at the end of the fiscal year and more than 421,000 were still here seven months later.

The numbers likely will continue to drop as the months tick by, but Steven Camarota, research director at the Center for Immigration Studies, said he figures at least 200,000 each year stay for the long term. That’s at least equal to the 200,000 new immigrants he says come to stay each year by jumping the border.

“Half the problem of illegal immigration, at least, is related to overstays,” he told The Washington Times.
(My bolding again.) My anecdotal evidence is mostly about the Chinese contingent. Since this lack of accountability, there's no easy way to undo the damage already done by years of this neglect of the basic idea of a nation. As I wrote in "(let me tell ya') It's More Fun, Bein' An Illegal Alien.":
The number of illegal Chinese residents may be much more of a surprise to Americans. If you don't live in a medium or large size city (IN the city that is, not the 'burbs") you may not know, as Chinese people LUV the city, as described here. You won't find out easily without being with someone who knows the language, but much of the help at the myriad of Chinese restaurants in medium and even smaller towns are illegal Chinese people. Add in the massive amounts of people in the Chinatowns of NYC and the west coast cities, and just simple estimates can get one over 2,000,000. I will admit that is just a 1/2 order-of-magnitude guess - let's say 1 - 3 million. No, most do not cross over from Mexico, Canada, or ride in shipping containers. Most come via some type of visa, but overstay forever. The US does not have any good system being used to track exits, as THEY DON'T WANT TO DO IT, or the elites DON'T WANT THEM TO!
Even though they'd be hard to pick out to send home (not just due to actual difficulties, but the spinelessness and stupidity of those who should be responsible), I'd like to see the numbers, say some graphs of nationality/ethnicity of these overstayers.

In the meantime, the relative levels of overstaying on the various NON-IMMIGRANT VISAS are in this graph, from the Washington Times article excerpted by Mrs. Walker of VDare:

I've written before that Brenda Walker has an odd habit (for a pundit anyway) of not getting the last word in after excerpting other's writings. That's fine in this case, as it was very factual, non-opinionated writing that she inserted. However, Peak Stupidity sure as hell will get in some words here.

REAL COUNTRIES don't let invasions happen. With the by-far biggest military in the world, and out isolation via the oceans from the big powers over 2 centuries, we've got this part down. Invasions don't always involve marine landing craft, paratroopers, and blitzkriegs, however. Let's not fight the last war, as they say. Having no checks on what visitors to your country do, after they get through the airports, is allowing an invasion, right now. Just read the numbers again - 2016 and '17 were not some fluke, crazy years. This craziness has been going on for decades.

In China, one gets checked upon exiting the country. It's really simple: People-In - People-Out = Accumulation-of-Foreigners. If you have not left within the visa stay period, it's easy enough for a computer to crunch through the numbers in seconds for every visitor, and some Chinese cops WILL come looking for you. It's not like they have to come looking for EVERYONE who's overstayed, for 2 reasons:

1) They don't allow nearly as many immigrants, legally or illegally, so a foreigner STANDS OUT, contrary to in America.

2) Because the Chinese government takes this stuff seriously, being a REAL COUNTRY and all, visitors know this and respect the law out of fear.

The ones that overstay get searched for, and an anecdote from ~ 10 years back that I have is about some Africans in a part of Guangzhou who made some sort of riot there - it was due to one of their cohorts having jumped out of a 2nd-story window to avoid the cops coming to nail him and send him home, with no ability to return. (Yeah, he either died or was hurt bad - not the smoothest move there.) Yeah, the riot didn't go over too well either.

Compare this to America, with our searches for illegal bananas and untaxed liquor and cigs in the luggage, yet no process to see when people go back home. This is high-level stupidity folks.

* The only term out of the Commie Øb☭ma's mouth than I liked - in 8 long years.

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