Are the Millennials Retarded?

Posted On: Monday - August 13th 2018 12:22PM MST
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Or, do they just not understand the meaning of privacy? I'm sure Peak Stupidity has many "Millennial" readers, so please, people, remember that this site is REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW to be an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY OFFENDER. Also, these generations are pretty ill-defined, so you may want to re-define yourself right now, matter of fact.

The thing is, I've got 10 posts built up in my head, some of them even timely and shit, but now after going to the auto parts store, I've got to spit this out first rest for the weary curmudgeon.

The small part for a vehicle that I needed was not at this particular auto parts store, but it's something that was bound to be at a nearby store. I was in no big hurry in this matter of obtaining it either. "OK, what's your telephone number?" Alright, as written about already in BIG DATA can kiss my ass!, and a little more here (2nd part), all the chain stores want as much information about you, to the point of causing wait times 2 - 5 times longer than before all this - Thanks, Computers!

"I'm not in there." (Yeah, I was, but under what phone number, I've got no earthly...) "I'll go ahead and pay cash for them now and pick them up tomorrow or whenever they get in." "I can't look at anything without your phone number?" WTF? We (as in the software, me, and the Millennial-age girl at the counter) weren't even on ME yet, just which stores have got the part, and when will they get here. It really shouldn't work like this, and maybe she didn't know how to use the software properly, but "Just put in anything." The girl froze up. This was highly irregular. Maybe she was highly irregular, but that shouldn't have to be my business. "Yeah, make one up. It's not your business." Just then another customer started giving her number, so I started giving her that one. That freaked out both her and a guy who's been there at least 3 years who came over to help. I was getting pissed now, as it's not so hard to just type in 10 random digits. The computer is not gonna fire you!

Well, all 3 of us were pissed off at this point, a majority at, yeah, you're lookin' at 'em, this blogger. I had to make an effort now to get them to say when the part will be in. "That wasn't so hard.", I stated. "I'll come back later for the parts, thank you." I really had tried to be polite, but this form of stupidity is just anathema to me. How many people of this generation don't understand that we don't all want to give out life stories out on facebook, twitter, to the pizza delivery store, and, today to this Big-Biz auto parts chain? I shouldn't have to explain why, but that'd make a good post for later anyway.

The reason for the post title was simply the look on this cashier's face. No, I don't expect any of the women there to know a damn thing about car parts (I always ask for the one white guy in back, if I really need a guy that knows his stuff). I'm over that. You've just gotta be able to get business done though, without freaking out. I'm sure she's gonna run into other guys who simply want to buy something, and not give Big Data info, to spam them with. Be ready next time, young lady - don't freeze up - this is not the end of the world. I'm only here to maintain my car, and that's what's keeping you employed, Millennial!

Wednesday - March 4th 2020 5:11PM MST
PS: I get your point of who's in charge ZPZ. However, that's kind of my point that these people aren't willing to do a lick of thinking. All she's got to do is type in some bogus number. They type all "9"s for me at Home Depot, as soon as they see I'm tired of that shit (they must see it quite often).

The corporate boss ain't there, the in-store manager (he was a white manager) couldn't give a rat's ass, except that the line doesn't get too long, and I doubt it comes down to "hey, this store is not getting us as many valid email addresses as the average" from the Marketing types.

I agree completely that you can't put all the BS onto one generation. I'll admit that my title was in jest ... to some degree ... haha.

Thank you for the reply.
Wednesday - March 4th 2020 1:56PM MST
PS The EBITDA-obsessed corporare executives who are pushing the surveillance are mostly boomers. If she deviates from the script her Indian "immigrant minority business owner" boss will fire her and replace her with a Mexican. Boomers have been in charge since the 90's, but they hemselves were largely misled by their apathetic and war-weary great and silent generation parents. We all have to fight this stuff together.
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