The Un-Personing of Alex Jones by the F.A.G.S.

Posted On: Tuesday - August 7th 2018 5:31PM MST
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In the latest breaking (where it's not censored) news, the Peak Stupidity blog has learned that Alex Jone's videos have been taken off of youtube, or at least the front few pages, which (in the latter case) is not banning per se, but pretty dang close the way most of us use internet search features. Peak Stupidity checked just once today, and, yeah, all the front page of the search shows is videos derogatory about Mr. Jones. I noticed they left up the admittedly-hilarious Alex Jones Indie Folk Song that we featured 6 months ago.

Yeah, as much as you may not agree with all or any conspiracy theories, such at those from Mr. Jones himself, you'd have to agree that getting un-personed from Facebook, Apple, Google's youtube, and Spotify on the same day was not just some coincidence. They are in cahoots against this guy, even it was just by using the exact same "anti-hate" software with the exact same settings!

As discussed before here, I respect Alex Jones for his devotion to Constitutionalism and his Libertarian/conservative opinions. He may go off the script at times (anybody's script) and get a little loud at times, but I don't think that really would be much different than the way a number of our Founding Fathers would have behaved. I have remarked that Alex Jone's voice sounds completely worn-out, as if he's been talking too long at one sitting and could use a glass of water. I'm sure if that'd help, he'd have drunk a glass, but it's hard for me to listen to him for too long. That said, we could use lots more guys like Alex Jones versus the Globalist-sackhanger assholes who run the "businesses" that have banned him.

Why's "businesses" in quotes? That's because I'm not really sure if Google (also the owner of youtube), facebook, and the rest, are truly businesses at all. Are they really out to make the most money they can, or out to spy on as many Americans, and in as broad a way as possible for the Deep State? Is there 2nd agenda/core-competency the collection of all material that supports the Globalist narrative and the suppression of that that does not? Nah, businesses? I'm not so sure about this, and less so, in that I don't join up with any of their bullshit I don't have to.

I bring up the legitimate big-business-or-not question, as many conservatives of the bent that use the term libertards continually bring up the idea that these social media internet-control-freak organizations are monopolies that should be controlled by the government. Yes, "government" - that wasn't a typo. Haha. Sure, they are partially right, in that, I also think these companies, due to the BIG advantage in a search-site, whatever-the-hell-facebook-purports-to-be, etc. having economies of scale, are acting as monopolies. The libertarians say, Amendment I in the B.O.R. of the US Constitution puts no restraints on the control of speech of companies on their customers (you don't have to be a customer, which is gonna be my point). That's true, but this censoring of media that users depend on, thinking it's their sole source of legitimate information, is indeed a very bad thing. People can't find the man Alex Jones, and that makes them think he's not been doing anything they need to know about, they suppose anyway. If he doesn't come up on the 1st page, well, that's it for today. Also, any new seekers of information on the man will likely give up quickly.

Here's the point - all this is partially the fault of these users of information themselves It's the ignorance and laziness of the users that give Goolag and Facebook the monopoly power that they exercise. How many people don't know the difference among the operating system of their computer (or "device" now), the browser program, and the search engine page being loaded into said browser on that device? I'm trying to say this in a way that does not sound like a lecture from a geek, as I'm NOT one. Sure, some people don't care to learn, especially, as (and Peak Stupidity has ALL this stuff documented) most of us don't want to relearn our damn tools every year or two! Still, it would help immensely in fighting BIG-INFO, if people would learn enough to use alternates when at all possible.

Microsoft, and their mainstay Windows, are really the worst of it, maybe not the spy/control aspect of it, but the endless automatic moneymaking off anyone who buys a computer (most of them) with their OS bundled in. As discussed harrrumped about here this requires a learning process every damn time, along with something similar upon every mandatory "upgrade" of the other software (Word, etc.). It's nothing but inertia that keeps most of us (yeah, I said "us" ... so far) using this crap. Linux is the way.

When it comes to Facebook, the alternate is possibly just "Hey guys, I just made my own site for our club. We don't need facebook's bullshit. Just go to www.xxxxx.whatever". Yes, it's lot's less trouble to sign up for Facebook, I'm about sure. I'm not COMPLETELY SURE, just due to the fact that I am not, and will never be, a member! As for the search engines, as alternates to the Goolag, well, you've got bing (sure, that is MS, but it is an alternative) and duckduckgo, and others that I don't know. Give these other guys some love, will ya? That takes not any more effort, unless you do have that computer ignorance that confuses the browser, search-engine and every thing else in one ball of "nerdness". Lastly, people do host videos elsewhere, but it takes some work to find stuff that is not all in once place, as youtube keeps it.

Oh, yeah, it's not like one can't just type in (as of today, anyway) and read and view Alex Jones. Hell, just bookmark the site ONE TIME, will ya, and get to it that way. See my point now - laziness and ignorance. Is there such a thing as collective Karma, cause we're getting some of that, and I'd like to know if there's any way to opt out?

[Updated, 8/07 evening:]
. Change to title per a comment by a fellow that goes by the name of Anon-#322. I don't feel bad having not thought of the great acronym, as I have no idea who "Spotify" is and what they do.

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