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Posted On: Thursday - August 2nd 2018 9:46AM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog has fairly successfully morphed over the last 1/2 year or so from somewhat of a stupidity aggregator, if I may, to more of a supplier of original stupidity-eviscerating material. That's a long way of saying we are trying to write mostly our own stuff now, often still based on thoughts brought up elsewhere, vs. "hey, look what I read here", etc. Our "deliverables", per PS-Corporate, are now daily or semi-daily doses of stupidity originalism. We must under-promise and over-deliver to our Peak Stupidity "customers", you the readers. [OK, that's all the CEO will read - you can write whatever you want from here .. Ed.]

Speaking of thoughts brought up elsewhere, though, theiSteve blog, written by Mr. Steve Sailer, and hosted on (for the last 5 years(?)) is one of my personal favorites for reading for interest and for material to induce a post here or there, really quite often, in fact. This post will revert back to the point-at-an-article-and-comment-a-bit style just due to the fact that, to me, Mr. Sailer's weekly (Wednesdays) article on Takimag was about the best I've ever read by him. The reason is that he included many of his original thoughts, themes, memes (whatever ... does a meme have to look like a poster with some words on it? I dunno) all together in this one.

Therefore, I will neither comment very much on this article, nor excerpt any of it, as it is very enjoyable to read in its entirety. Here you go: A Half Century of Amnesia. The standard Sailer themes that are discussed together include:

A) The "Sailer Strategy" - this is not something that nobody else could have thought of independently, but his thoughts on the Republican Party and the white vote, from back in the contested 2000 presidential election were contrary to all of the pundits, along with the establishment GOP party hacks. I was about to explain more, but, again, read the article (this is the very 1st part).

B) "Flight from White" - due to all the animosity in the Lyin' Press and other institutions directed at white men, especially that done so blatantly in the last year or two, it behooves lots of white individuals to cling to any ethnic/racial group that they may or may not really belong to and that may or may not have been slightly aggrieved in the past. Again, read the article for a real explanation.

C) The Democrat Party "KKKcrazy Glue" - It's funny, huh? The D party is composed of lots of groups with imagined grievances against the perceived "white man's" establishment. It's always difficult for these racial/ethnic/gender-of-some-sort groups to work together as their widely varying interests cause conflict most of the time. (This is called "Intersectionality".) The only thing that can hold this coalition-of-the-agrieved together is what Mr. Sailer calls the KKKcrazy Glue, which is hatred against soley the white men. Hence the drudged-up stories of nooses and white robes and people being called names.

D) (C) brings up another theme, which is really what the title of his article is about. The "establishment" has not consisted mostly of those white men, for a long long time, and the old order has been trashed since the late 1960's, Fifty years ago. It's been all about power. The ctrl-left has had the power for most of that 5 decades, yet they act as though they are still the rebels fighting against THE MAN. I hate to tell you, you Afro-Hispanic-Transgendered nutcases, but yeah, you are THE MAN now ... somehow??

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