London, England's Chinatown and a bifecta of Peak Stupidity

Posted On: Saturday - July 21st 2018 8:27PM MST
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Mr. Yuo Goa Nau, aka, Chu Ting Tang, Champion for the London Foodies

I'm sure we'll have a chance to discuss more of these, but this story from London, England has an intersection of two stupidity flavors that have been already discussed at Peak Stupidity. Those are the stupidity of the Foodies and Chinese illegal immigration, specifically situations like America's China to King Buffet pipeline.

The Lyin' Press, UK branch, discusses The immigration crisis facing London's Chinatown. Lest you think that there are too many Chinese immigrants, and it's good to see an article on that, well, on the first thing, you'd be right, but you'd be called naive by anyone wise to the Lyin' Press. Nope, this story is about resistance to raids on Chinese restaurants in London's Chinatown to round up illegal alien Chinese waiters/cooks/etc. See the Foodies want their authentic food, cooked and served by Chinese people who don't know a lick of the Queen's English, and don't even know there is a Queen, most likely. See, this is critical. No matter what you think that piece of meat may actually be, and no matter that there is a strange lack of cats roaming in that entire neighborhood, this shit is authentic, man, just like old Canton, or a ride on the a ride on the Peking ferry. ('ceptin' you can't say "Peking" anymore, much less "slant-eyed lady who took me on deck and bit my neck".)

Well, this rounding up of people due to their invasion of your country is not cool with some of these illegal Chinese with the gall to lay down in front of vans about it.
Tensions came to a head this month when immigration officers clashed with protesting crowds, resulting in an elderly woman being taken to hospital. The woman was filmed as she lay down in front of an immigration van as crowds gathered.

In the video, which has since gone viral, the van moves forward as bystanders push it back, helping the woman to crawl out of the way. The Home Office later said she was only taken to hospital as a “precautionary measure” and was not injured.
You'd think these people would've learned a thing or two since that late unpleasantness at Tiananmen Square, downtown Peking 3 decades back. Sure, vans don't have steel tracks, but if it were one of those extended 3 ton Ford Econolines? I mean, lady, you're no spring-roll chicken anymore ...
He adds: “The woman was an elderly lady who is deaf and she was trying to plead with officer not to take away a worker, who is believed to be from the same village as her ... She was kneeling down and begging.”
It's almost as bad as down in S. Texas - not content to just put kids in separate facilities, this time they're separating villagers even! Such cruelty .. makes a Chinawoman wonder why she bothered coming in the first place.
Wu says: “We need to recruit Chinese chefs over here ... generally the direction of the government is moving toward the idea that you need to train up local people but it takes years to train someone to understand what Chinese food is, let alone give them the skills they need to cook it.”

Lee says: “Chinese cuisines all over the world is getting multidimensional and improving ... but in the UK it’s going backwards as we don’t have enough people. When a chef retires there is no one else to take their place.”
First you've got to know what the food is, is that what you're trying to tell me? You mean to tell me there WAS NO General Tsao? All this time I'd thought he was the guy who ordered the tanks to roll ... over those people. What about sweet&sour chicken, cashew chicken, orange peanut chicken .. chicken with fly-lice, chicken with Y-rice ... sauteed ... zzzzzz .... steam-chicken-gumbo ... dorra-a-poun ...? Listen Foodies, I've got two words for your future: recipes, youtube. That's it. You can find a cute Chinese lady on there to teach you how to cook anything you want and avoid changing your entire country into something unrecognizable. It seems well worth it to me. Plus, think of the kitties.

Eat Mor Chikin!

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