Supreme Court nominee Brent Kavanaugh - good enough for Ann Coulter

Posted On: Friday - July 13th 2018 9:16PM MST
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That means good enough for Peak Stupidity, though I hope Miss Coulter didn't vet this guy in the way that she vetted Romney for president. In addition, though, there was the research that the Federalist Society does on lots of judges. They are like the bizarro-$PLC in that they study and support people who are real Constitutionalists, as opposed to hating on people like that.

I give kudos to President Trump for listening to the Federalist Society, as it has been said, in making his decision. It's good to see in light of his terribly bad picks lots of the time of advisors, cabinet members and heads of agencies of various sorts. You're not supposed to know it all, Mr. Trump, and we know you're no Pat Buchanan in historical knowledge. A good leader picks people he can trust, and I haven't seen a lot that in your supposed advisors and other employees (the entire Executive Branch are his employees).

In our other post on this SC vacancy, Peak Stupidity speculated that an Ann Coulter pick would be ideal just in a way of playing Bad cop/Good cop. I think now that the other way around could work pretty well too. Why not let it slip that if Mr. Kavanaugh does not get confirmed by the Senate, a certain Miss Coulter is on deck. Just the frustration and blood pressure increases of the left into the dangerous, go-straight-to-the-hospital-now/don't-pass-go/don't-collect-your-$200 range is something they'd like to avoid. Just approve this guy, and we won't display Ann Coulter's wit, beauty, charm, and libertarian/conservative arguments to the rest of the general public. Yes, that's a threat. I would so enjoy it, though. An Ann Coulter nomination would probably put me back in the stock market - go long Orville Redenbacher! - and possibly convince me to start getting a few TV signals from over the air again, just for the duration of the hearings, of course.

Let's get 2 more judges in before the end of Trump term 1, shall we? Get er done!

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