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Posted On: Tuesday - July 10th 2018 9:54PM MST
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I just never got a cohesive post in my head over the last couple of days, even though there's always plenty of stupidity to analyze - Analytical Stupidity is our forte, and, in fact, consistent readers of this blog are reminded here, before we all forget, to put in for 3 credits to be applied in lieu of classroom time in STUP 699: Seminar in Analytical Stupidity.

They're be more traveling for the staff coming this or next week, so posting will be light. There are > 700 articles on here, though, if you like this stuff!

As egregiously featured only ONCE before (Neal's Fandango) on the Peak Stupidity blog, here are The Doobie Brothers with straight-up rock-n-roll sound attained before the arrival and musically-destructive tendencies of the jazz-oriented Michael McDonald*.

Here is Black Water, a song that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the MIC organization previously going by that name. This is from a more innocent time, and appropriate for a summer's night. It's not really Southern Rock, as the band is from the SF Bay Area, for one thing, but ... just listen:

This is from 1974, from the album What Were Once Vices are Now Habits. (I think that name is an early criticism of euphemisms, something I'd never thought about before.)

Band Members at the time:

Patrick Simmons – composer, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Tom Johnston – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Tiran Porter – bass guitar, backing vocals
Keith Knudsen – backing vocals
Michael Hossack – drums, percussion
John Hartman – backing percussion
Arlo Guthrie* – wind chimes, autoharp
Novi Novog – viola
Ted Templeman – producer
Michael McDonald - Nope **

* Awesome, I had no idea Arlo played on this.

** No Michael McDonald, CHECK!***

*** The man who single-handedly ruined the Doobie Brothers, even as a very talented musician, by SCREWING WITH THE SOUND!

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