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Posted On: Tuesday - July 3rd 2018 7:48AM MST
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Mr. Trump - Theeez wall eeees too high, Senor!

First of all, one of the big pet peeves of the Peak Stupidity blog (look under Curmudgeonry for LOTS), along with the geographical proper noun stupidity is the modern people naming stupidity. We have our movie stars/starlets/couples with the new catchy abbreviated combinations ("combrevated" is the new term) such as "JLo", for Jennifer Lopez, "Brangelina" for Brad/Angelina, and "Ardith" for Archie and Edith Bunker. I can get past that just by getting past the rack with People Magazine and The National Enquirer at the grocery store.

However, this Mexican AMLO guy has really culturally appropriated or "cultriated", if you will, all this Hollywood starlet crap. Couldn't this Mexican just use his 4 names, as El Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with the accents and everything. I knew a girl who could roll off her 8 family names off in about 5 seconds, and it was really sexy when she did. (Granted, she was sexy before that.) Why can't A.M.L.O. do the same - we don't really care who his conquistadorian ancestors are anyway; he just seems even stupider being named like a Hollywood couple. That just shows how far the worst of American culture spreads, while the decent stuff never crosses the border.

Speaking of the border, let's get to the important stuff regarding the winner of the Mexican election. My go-to site now,, does have a post, but Mr. Sailer just solicits for comments there, which are informative, as usual. However, I've been reading Mr. Allan Wall on VDare for years. Having lived in the country for a decade with his family, and obviously very fluent in Spanish, Mr. Wall knows what goes on politically in Mexico. Those articles appear under the heading Said in Spanish. Two that he wrote before the election were
Mexican Presidential Debate — All Candidates Bash Trump, Vow More Meddling In U.S.
and Yes, PUNDITFACT, Mexican Frontrunner AMLO Does Think Everybody On Earth Entitled To Go To America.

From reading of those and other information from Allan Wall, I understood that NONE of the Mexican presidential candidates had any respect for US sovereignty, any compunction to tell the truth about the illegal alien situation and any problem being hypocritical as all hell regarding American immigration policy as compared to Mexico's own policy. AMLO may have been the worst of the 4 or 5 candidates regarding relations with the US, but that may be a good thing. His blustery talk, especially the direct egging-on of the continuing invasion, may wake up those Americans that would normally need a 2 x 4 upside the head to come out of their political slumbering.

It's not like the other guys would have helped us solve our problem. I think it's best that we have the worst. It'll just make things come to a head quicker, rather than leaving us in the slow boil that's been occurring, with Trump being of some belated help, but not enough. Imagine if the President actually were to send American troops to the southern border. Firstly, that move alone, even if not done in seriousness, would ensure the re-election of him and all the big supporters of such a policy, in a LANDSLIDE. Secondly, for the innumerate, we still have 20 - 30,000 soldiers in South Korea! On a 2,000 mile border that's > 10 soldiers per mile. No, we are not trying to make trench warfare - this is 2018. With modern communications and transportation, one could get hundreds of soldiers to whatever spot needed in a few minutes. Yeah, and part of the border is impassable, and, yeah, that's just the guys that don't need to be in Korea. There's a lot of guys that don't need to be in a lot of other places too.

The more contentious and arrogant el Presidente AMLO's words, and better yet, actions get, the greater chance for a military action to occur. The sending of a serious number, in the 10's of thousands, of American soldiers to the border by President Trump would be a nation-changing event. So, carry on, el Presidente de las Estados Unidos de Mexico! Maybe the response will be "Remember the ALMO!"

Hat tip to Hippopotamusdrome for "Remember the ALMO!".

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