Hungary? - come for the Goulash, stay for the Nationalism

Posted On: Saturday - June 30th 2018 7:00PM MST
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The Peak Stupidity blog came across this press "interview" a few days back, featuring the Hungarian foreign minister, Mr. Peter Szijjarto. We have put "Interview" in quotes here, due to the BBC-Bitch's treating the interaction as a debate, not a fact-finding interview. The name on youtube of this specific clip below (though I'm sure you can find all or bits of it as different named videos) is "Hungarian foreign minister challenged on migration policy" - BBC Newsnight. If that doesn't illustrate to you right away the bias of the BBC, then you've been in front of the Telly way too long. Why don't you turn it off, at least during High Tea?

This Mr. Szijjarto tries to keep things pretty low-key, but the lady from the BBC ends up so pissed at his arrogant attitude of truth-telling that she gets visibly irate. That makes this a must-see, of course. What it also does, with President Trump as a lone part-time exception, is make any American or Western European patriot kind of jealous. Why don't we have guys that tell the truth like this? Why don't we have governments that care about the regular established populations of our countries? IT'S NOT FAIR, DAMMIT!

I can say a lot of bad things about the current Chinese government and its stupidity, along with that of Russia, or Argentina, or Mexico, or Japan (well, besides just Yoko Ono, I'm not that up to speed on the latter). However, no matter what, at least they don't have governments that actively work against the normal people of the country. I don't think that should be so hard not to do either.

The Lyin' Press bias here in this video is sight to behold. Emily Maitlis, the debater, just can't handle some speaker for the leader of a country saying that said country can keep anyone it wants out. This makes her livid and she then starts to debate the guy. She brought up something about the EU rules on immigration and that became the debating point. I imagine Mr. Szijjarto was not able to say "Fuck the EU" here (yes, his English is very good), just due to political reasons. He seems to be speaking for his boss, Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. I believe that economically, these newer-to-the-EU countries have something to gain, but they'd be wise to just tell Brussels and the Globalists to fuck off before the EU ruins them.

I'll give kudos to Viktor Orban for one more thing in addition to holding a hard line on immigration (great graph here of data from a working border fence in Part 2 of "Something there is that doesn't love a wall."). He and his government are trying to put the hurt on George Soros, as atonement, I suppose for spawning that Globalist AntiChrist

Oh, 180,000 views, but "Comments are disabled for this video." Yeah, we can't have more truth than we've already run into here. The truth, it burns!

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