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Posted On: Wednesday - December 28th 2016 8:29AM MST
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I don't need a link here, of course. Probably anyone who uses the internet for anything besides just shopping and facebook would have seen his page at least once.

For the last couple of days, Matt Drudge has been putting up bunches of headlines about two celebrities, Carrie Fisher, the 1970's actress, and George Michael, the 1980's pop singer. OK, the elections are over, so, Drudge needs to keep the viewers, but this celebrity worship turns us off, here at Peakstupidity.

Even if this were 1978, when the actual Star Wars movie was playing, and she was pretty and all, it wouldn't concern me a bit if she kicked it at any point. As for George Michael, I'll give you that Faith was a pretty catchy tune, but that's it; if if died when he was famous in the late 1980's even, why would I care? I don't get this crap at all.

I wouldn't even be writing this before, as I'd only started regularly reading looking at after he starting putting up some headlines that pointed out some real truth. His big thing is to juxtapose the headline-links to show hypocrisy in real-time. It can be pretty amusing and insightful. He especially hammered on the immigration and globalism problems, and that was very much appreciated by us at Peakstupidity.

Two more things should be said about the Drudgereport:

1) This guy is a whore for page views, and the way he does it is with automatic reloading. This happens every 3-5 minutes (I haven't measured it.) and that means it reloads for me about the time I'm reading the 3rd column - very annoying.

2) It is really not healthful to look at this site everyday. With the headlines normally on there showing the craziest (truthful most of the time, but also greatly exaggerated a lot) stuff imaginable, one is led to believe it is the end of the world is fairly imminent! It is the type of website that should make one immediately get out of the house, get out in the woods for a while, or on a bike, or just talk to the neighbors, in order to shake that world-is-ending feeling. Keep away from the high-intensity stupidity, and you'll be alright, son.

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