Let's leave our Carbon Footprints ...

Posted On: Thursday - June 28th 2018 11:59AM MST
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... on the asses of the ctrl-left climate-admitters.

One small step for a man, one giant carbon footprint for mankind?

Dammit, if it weren't for that first stage, with its 5 North American Aviation - Rocketdyne F-1 engines pushing with 750 TONS thrust each, and burning a total of oh, about 200,000 gallons of kerosene, the Saturn V that took 12 men to the moon, 2* at a time, would have been carbon-freakin'-neutral, man! The other two stages burned Hydrogen (stored in liquid form) in pure Oxygen (also liquid in the tanks). See, when you burn Hydrogen, you make only water which HAS NO CARBON, producing no CO2 product, but only water, which is not .. a green ... house.... wait... whatever.

The phrase "carbon-neutral" can be seen all over now. It's nothing but a buzzword that nobody really even thinks the meaning of anymore, like "green" for instance. This computer keyboard I'm typing on - carbon neutral, the words you're reading right now - carbon neutral, this pencil I write my thoughts down with when I have no computer - carbon - negative? (well it seems to get smaller, but then I'm still a phlogiston-admitter too, so, you know ...) The thoughts in my head? You guessed it, carbon neutral!

At least back 5 decades ago, the environmentalists and proto-treehuggers (I don't think there was any penetration back then) had some real concrete causes to raise hell about. I guess too much concrete, come to think of it would be one. Seriously, this part of Lake Erie was a mess, the Nitrogen Oxides and particulates from the cars of the day came out the tailpipes like there was gonna be no tomorrow, the DDT was ... well, the jury's out on that one - Peak Stupidity could use some of that shit. Anyway, there were specific environmental problems that could be seen and smelled, not the vague, unsuccessfully modeled Global Climate DisruptionTM crap that we hear about incessantly today. Real environmental problems in America have improved greatly or I should say, BEEN IMPROVED greatly by the people that do the actual engineering, technical and manual work.

So don't go telling me about my carbon footprint unless you want it planted on your ass.

* The crew was 3 on these Apollo missions, but one guy would remain in lunar orbit during the lunar expeditions.

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