Lady Whiz-Kid Entrepreneur shows up the Geeks ... headed to jail...

Posted On: Wednesday - June 27th 2018 4:02PM MST
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... for defrauding a whole lot of investors.

Not knowing what I'm doing is not, like "fraudulent", like?

("What now!? You're my legal council!"
"Uuhhhh, show 'em your tits?")

Yeah, this Elizabeth Holmes shown above has been cheered on by all kinds of big-wigs as the new girl-kind-of-whiz-kid. It hasn't worked out too well. Well, as commenter Reg Cæsar notes under the well-written Fred Reed article, Holmes, Uncle Clunk, and and Epic Con Job, "She could always pose nude." That usually solves anything, as we note:
Indeed, Reg, that would settle the matter … I mean, never underestimate the power of poontang. I’m pretty sure showing herself nude would negate all further matters of due process. Plus, it would settle the matter of whether … well, you know … that voice and all.
As as much as we appreciate the 50% of the Fred Reed articles that are not advertisements for being an ex-patriate in Ole Mexico (note our caveat on that), Mr. Steve Sailer has been all over this Theranos start-up company for quite a while. He writes so much that I'll just link to his full article in Takimag*, called Blood Simple. The company decided they would invent a device that could do the hundreds of different blood tests that are done in labs now, via a machine that could do this on-site/at-home from drop of blood from the fingertip. It's not that it's some impossible dream, but just that this entrepreneur prodigy was a smart prodigy, no doubt, but just a prodigy at being an entrepreneur, not someone who actually knows the science and engineering that are involved and not at the state of art that can invent this device, YET.

Both Mr. Reed's and Mr. Sailer's articles wonder, and try to explain, how the big-wigs Henry Kissinger, a Senator, some generals, the Waltons (no, not John Boy or Mary Ellen, I know their Daddy taught them better than this - I watched him), and more, all put big investments into a business built on an untried and never-successful invention. Yes, they all liked the idea of, or pretended to for brownie points, a girl entrepreneur who could match the big Silicon Valley whiz-boys. They may have thought she is hot ... she's not bad, but, though "she walka like a woman but talka like a man ... but so does Lola."

I really appreciate Fred Reed's article in that he distinguishes natural smarts from hard-learned knowledge in this paragraph:
Note that most of the dazzling university dropouts who became billionaires are in software, not biological sciences. The few in hardware brilliantly put together readily comprehended pieces, like CPUs and memory chips. There is a reason for this. Programming takes a lot of brains and little knowledge. Medicine takes reasonable intelligence and lots of knowledge. Molecular biology takes a lot of brains and a lot of knowledge. A (very) bright kid can learn Python or C-plus-plus in a couple of months in mommy’s basement and actually be a programmer. It doesn’t work with complicated multidisciplinary computerized micro-fluidized gadgets involving robotic glue-arms. At least, it didn’t work.
That's good stuff, Fred! It's pretty close to what I want to write in a coming Peak Stupidity blog post on engineers vs. software people. Here's it in a nutshell: The way memory space, computer speed, networking speed, and databases are these days, there is almost nothing stopping any idea relying on calculations from succeeding. As long as it can be broken down into logical steps, and there is some known way to get input, and provide output, ANYTHING THAT ONE WANTS TO BE DONE, CAN BE DONE with software/hardware these days.

Contrast that with the physical world, understood by engineers. There are natural laws, people. Conservation of mass, Newtons' laws of motion, Fourier's law of heat conduction, Ohm's laws ... there are thousands of 'em. If you design something that will need to violate any of those laws, IT WILL NOT WORK!

I believe the computer geeks, once they get big heads from having made lots of logical, but never-before-performed operations work, think that anything they can think of can be done in the physical world too. Sorry to be the one to break it to you, guys (oops, and girls), but this is why you are NOT engineers, no matter what the HR ladies call you.

OK, folks, finally now, it's LIMERICK TIME:

From "The one they call Desanex":
Miss Holmes gave superlative snow-jobs,
And perhaps even better you-know jobs—
Husky-voiced hummers
Dispensed to all comers;
For foot-fetishists, maybe a toe-job.

OUTSTANDING! We try to keep up here, so here is Peak Stupidity's take:
Miss Holmes and her project Theranos
took on the geeks mano-a-manos.
Though it turned out a dud
when one tried to draw blood,
the cash return beat the Sopranos.

* I would very much like to have linked to the 3 or 4 blog posts Mr. Sailer has written on unz on Miss Elizabeth Holmes and the company Theranos, but he writes so many posts, I have not found but 1. The unz posts have loads of comments, though, which are very much worth reading. Sailer's Takimag article is pretty complete, and pretty much what Fred Reed wrote about (in his different style), but Takimag does not have comments anymore (used to have some pretty decent commenters that would write multiple hundreds).

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