Tucker Carlson rocks on immigrant's vs. OUR children

Posted On: Wednesday - June 20th 2018 5:44PM MST
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Here is Peak Stupidity's favorite TV pundit. It's from seeing him on youtube. I've meant to put him up more, as he's been on the Peak Stupidity blog lots more in the past (see here, here, here, here, and here.)

In this case, it's not an interview with somebody whose stupidity is so high that the whole thing is hilarious. There's no interviewee on this one, and Mr. Tucker is talking about the brewhaha about the separation of illegally entered children. He compares this to the American children of anyone put into prison for something just as illegal as breaking into a country.

It's amazing that they let this guy on TV:
"The hysteria over separating illegal immigrant children from their families tells you everything about our ruling class. They care far more about foreigners than about their own people. They are only interested in changing the country."

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