Cntrl-left Anti-American agenda? Yeah, there's an app for that!

Posted On: Saturday - June 16th 2018 5:53PM MST
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It's just a simple test on prepositions, "that's all".
(The other two answers were "of" and "to".)

Oh, wait, they did leave out one answer that we feel should go in the blank:
While human rights activists all over the world call for humanity [sic, missimg comma] some e[sic - capital "E"]uropean countries still have negative attitude [sic - missing "s" for plurality] ___________ refugees from Africa.
"due to their wanting to keep their own countries in working order, against the Globalist scum just as much as their pawns, the". Hmmmmm, maybe the app has a bug in it, as the Peak Stupidity answer is not one of the options.

Ohhh, it's a feature you say? The Globalist agenda to replace the populations of white western lands has seeped into the apps now? No, not the apps! What would we do without the apps? Without them, life would cease to have meaning. I wouldn't be able to get the car started without my car app, so I'd have to walk to the grocery store, but without knowing the way and how many steps I'm taking, I can't get there from here. It's getting to where I need my iphone charged up to make sure that the TTT-AD* app will work, or I really can't be myself.

This stuff should really piss you off, even if you don't pay for any of this shit, like yours truly doesn't. Just look at that question again. It's not designed to teach someone prepositions at all, it it? Since the level of English it's designed for is 2nd grade or so, I'm guessing the clever Globalist scum behind this stuff want to catch the little ones or the new "Americans" right off the boat or straight out of Chinatown.

I've been off the normal Government Media, aka TV, for quite a while, but it's still not easy to get away from THE AGENDA.

This is why people home-school their children!** Even then, you've got to get together with the other Moms and Dads to make sure you can find, let's call it "non-judgemental" software. It's lots of work keeping you and yours from the brainwashing.

* TTT-AD is the Time To Take A Dump app. It's a really good deal. The phone charges you monthly or by the reminder ... all synched in with my calorie-burn app and my that new gas sensor at the bottom of all the new iPhone 11's. Far out, man ...!

** Peak Stupidity has a 3-post series on home-schooling - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

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