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Posted On: Tuesday - June 12th 2018 6:31AM MST
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Seeing as Mr. Sailer's humorous verbal thrashing of a nutty, hateful, feminist broad named Suzanna Danuta Walters in the Bezos-indoctrination-broadsheet (dba Washington Post) has been up for over one day, meaning it's past its prime in internet time, the Peak Stupidity blog will attempt here to match, nay, exceed the snarkiness of Steve Sailer. Yes, it's doable ... not easy, but doable.

Keep in mind that there's no way in hell I'm gonna click on a Washington Post link, so all excerpts are the same as those in Mr. Sailer's blog post. Maybe it's the whole article, but I think not.
By Suzanna Danuta Walters

June 8
"Suzanna Dana fo fana, Rosanna-Dana bo bana ... Walters". OK, that was too easy, and I'll call that a brain fart out the gate by the opposition - let's write it off and start out even again.
It’s not that Eric Schneiderman (the now-former New York attorney general accused of abuse by multiple women) pushed me over the edge. My edge has been crossed for a long time, before President Trump, before Harvey Weinstein, before “mansplaining” and “incels.” Before live-streaming sexual assaults and red pill men’s groups and rape camps as a tool of war and the deadening banality of male prerogative.

Seen in this indisputably true context, it seems logical to hate men.
Yeah, the edge of something ... Except for the live-streaming, and your imaginary rape camps (the ones in your wet, well moist, OK, slightly-less-crunchy, dreams) the rest has been around since Genesis. So ... I'm not sure what we've supposed to do about that ...

Yes, if a woman who started* an ENTIRE gender studies program (I assume that includes the architecture, iron work, contracting, drywalling, and plumbing/electrical for the buildings) says something is indisputable, I reckon there's no disputing that, cause ... like ... context and shit.
I can’t lie, I’ve always had a soft spot for the radical feminist smackdown, for naming the problem in no uncertain terms. I’ve rankled at the “but we don’t hate men” protestations of generations of would-be feminists and found the “men are not the problem, this system is” obfuscation too precious by half. …
Maybe you can't lie, but that doesn't mean you can't be completely full of it, either. On the other hand, you are right that men are the problem. Men have shirked their duties in keeping the stupidity out of society by letting women vote for the last 100 years.. that was a big problem. It needs to stop. I hate that ... but, that's only logical.
So, in this moment, here in the land of legislatively legitimated toxic masculinity, is it really so illogical to hate men? … I love Michelle Obama as much as the next woman, but when they have gone low for all of human history, maybe it’s time for us to go all Thelma and Louise and Foxy Brown on their collective butts.
The world has little place for feminist anger.
I don't think you should keep bringing up what is logical and illogical, Mizz Walters, as women are the definition of illogical. Could you imagine a female Dr. Spock? (OK, we're gonna have to go to "the tube", I'll make it a separate post.) OK, got the lesbianism thing, as Mrs. Øb☭ma does seem like the proverbial lesbian trapped inside a man's body. Not all women are down for that stuff though ... just sayin'. We don't want all women to "go all Thelma and Louise" on us, due mainly to needing them for love and sex. You do know that both Thelma and Louise** ended up with fatal "severe trauma to the head, torso, and extremities, as best as we can determine from the charred remains" due to "driving while menstruating" per their gyno-coroner, at the bottom of some canyon. (It's so refreshing to watch the prequel, I believe it was Helmer and Louis in which the two men completed a successful Jim Rockford sliding-huey, and just drove on back to Las Vegas to get hookers and, quote, "f__k it out".** There was not much drama during the rest of the movie ...)
So men, if you really are #WithUs and would like us to not hate you for all the millennia of woe you have produced and benefited from,...
We're mostly not just NOT "with you", but we'd really only be able to understand how to BE "with you" via a twitter conversation with you from the extra-security floor of the state hospital. I don't care which women hate me or not, unless I'm in the middle of asking one out for a date. You want woe, you ain't seen woe, lady ... wait:
... start with this: Lean out so we can actually just stand up without being beaten down. Pledge to vote for feminist women only. Don’t run for office. Don’t be in charge of anything. Step away from the power. We got this. And please know that your crocodile tears won’t be wiped away by us anymore. We have every right to hate you. You have done us wrong. #BecausePatriarchy. It is long past time to play hard for Team Feminism. And win.
"Lean out ... " Ummm... whaa? "Pledge to vote for feminist women ..." Well, I would, but see there's this neighbor, and it's so much easier just to read her yard signs. "Don't run for office." Check! "Don't be in charge of anything.". That sounds like a plan. I guess the house, yard, vehicles, and finances can take care of themselves. It's worth a try. I already quit raking, cold turkey, so I'm on it, baby! "Step away from the power." Hey, you don't have to tell me twice, lady, I've taken on 120 V A/C too many times to count on the one hand (of course my pinky's a bit shorter now) - man, it always feels like it's 220, don't it?

You got this? I don't know which will happen first - a whole country of women with crocodile tears due to lack of attention, or the 95% death toll due to the early-onset SHTF. I would prep harder, but I don't want to, like, "be in charge" and stuff.

*Walters founded the first in the nation Ph.D. program in gender studies at Indiana University, where she was a professor of gender studies and held positions in sociology and communication and culture. Previously, Walters was professor of sociology and director of women’s studies at Georgetown University. She was also a visiting senior scholar at the Center for Narrative Research at the University of East London. She received her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center, City University of New York.
Woah! "Senior Scholar" in "Narrative Research". "London"! We gotta keep pushing that NARRATIVE before every man has gotten red-pilled. You are worth every penny they paid you, and heck, as a Senior scholar, I sure hope you took advantage of the Early Bird specials to go gum down the creamed corn. Hold it! London, OK, gum down those creamed fish and chips.

** Oh crap, I always put in these spoiler-alerts too late in the posts. Mea Culpa, muchos mea culpas, amigos.

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