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Posted On: Monday - June 11th 2018 4:58AM MST
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Peak Stupidity has been questioned on the use of proper adjectives to describe people from all over the world. We just got done explaining the total legitimacy of the term "Oriental", but now the Peak Stupidity legal department has sent out a memo, which we've been kind enough to pass on to our readers and the rest of the world.

Apparently, it’s all gotta be strict geography now – that way we don’t offend anybody. You’d think I’d like that, as I have a thing for geography. I just don’t take to stupidity very well (see the link above).


“Indian” is out – “Subcontinental” is in (like there aren’t lots of pieces of continents around, say the Yucatan and Iberian peninsulas).

“Oriental” is out – “Northeastern Asian”, “Southeastern Asian”, “West-by-Northwestern” Asian, “38th Parallel Asian”, and “Arctic Circular Asian” are in.

“Beaner”, “Greaser”, “Chicano” and “Latino” are out – “Mexican”, “Central American”, and “Yucatan Peninsularian” are in.

“Negro” and variations thereof, along with “dude from some shithole” , are out – “[cardinal direction] African” is in.

“Towel Head”, “Rag Head”, basically “[any type of woven fabric] – head” are out – “MENA”, MENAing Middle East North African, is in.

“Big Samoan Fat Fuck” is out – “SPIFF”, meaning “Southwestern Pacific Island Fat Fuck” is in.

OK, everyone, print this out and get it laminated onto a little wallet-sized card.

No, no, no renumeration necessary … that’s what we're here for.

Tuesday - September 24th 2019 5:26AM MST
PS: Also, the slanty-eye thing makes me wonder if you are at all familiar, Bill, with "Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these" (Back when I said this, who knew I'd be quite concerned with "these"?)

You're missing a word in your question. You mean, what to call the people?
Hmmm, gotta update the pocket guide.
Tuesday - September 24th 2019 5:23AM MST
PS: Hey Bill, saw you at the Cheap Trick show ....

No, wait, that was MORE THAN 30 years ago.

Thank you VERY MUCH for writing "the Orient", firstly. You are right that common people really don't give a damn about the PC terms. I will refer you to this post (cannot put links in comments here, sorry) https://www.peakstupidity.com/index.php?post=221 called "Beans, Beaners, and Political Correctness.

It's the ruling/elite class at all levels that gets offended by reality, as for the elites in the West, they have that guilt, guilt, guilt. The elites in the East, the Orient, that is, KNOW that the Westerners feel guilty, so they can get an advantage in whatever kind of deal they are up to by guilting the Westerners about any slight misuse of the terminology for types of people.
Bill in Tokyo
Monday - September 23rd 2019 8:09PM MST
PS Views after 30 years in the Orient
- Chinamen don't mind being called Chinamen. Racially they refer to themselves as yellow (huang).
- Westerners making slanty eyes is seen as cute. I came across two little boys squattingin a doorway making round eyes and chattering jibberish as I passed.

Question: What happened to the in the Ukraine and other places?
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