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Posted On: Thursday - June 7th 2018 7:18PM MST
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... into history.
No, no, none of this!

We're all over this 3-day old news here at Peak Stupidity, but for most of the stories on increasing stupidity in the world, the stories are too stupid to warrant any timely action on the reader's part, and the stupidity is just getting harder to keep up with. We're trying with utmost alacrity. The latest piece is that the beautiful girls, one from each state, in their bikinis, as seen at the top (no, don't tell me you clicked on this post for the text - I've used that one before) are going to be a thing of the past.

I would have liked to start the post with a more close-up picture - somehow that seems to bring on the hits to the site - but almost all of these pictures don't fit our usual long-side-horizontal rectangle that's best for a header pic. That'd figure right? I mean these are long tall beauties, and so you can't get a sideways oriented close-up .. unless the girl is lying down, I suppose ... uh, no, they never ever had THAT on the Miss America TV show.

Now, we're supposed to be excited about a Miss America who is the most talented, intelligent, personable, anything but well-rounded .. you know, those round parts that we won't be able to see. I'm really not sure who these producers expect to watch the show from this point on. Heck, even the Mr. Universe and what-have-you contests have men showing off their bodies, so can this even be a anti-sexist thing? Are they that determined in their efforts to ruin everything, that they don't mind the ratings crashing down to those 1800 viewers who like to see trained birds?*

The stupid, it burns!

Well, I guess there's always youtube. We don't need to see this year's swimsuits, so we can watch yesteryear's bathing beauties. Sure, the ending is known, but does anyone really care who wins?

Oh except Cosmo Kramer - Swimsuit, eveningwear, talent, poise!

* Find the rest of the Seinfeld episode for the background of this joke.

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