Is President-Eject Øb☭ma indeed the AntiChrist?

Posted On: Tuesday - December 27th 2016 6:41PM MST
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He's risen to power out of nowhere, with no record of grades, constitutional law articles written. Did not rise out of the sea, but did get raised in a coupla hell-holes around the world, one of which is surrounded by the sea - pretty sure that's what they meant. [CHECK]

Was given a mouth that utters haughty and blasphemous words. [CHECK]

Is married to a space creature of some sort. [NO, NOTHING IN THERE ABOUT THAT]

Causes all men, both great and small, rich and poor, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, and no one may buy or sell without the mark or name of the beast [NO, THIS GUY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, AND HE IS TOO BUSY PLAYING GOLF TO DO ALL THE WORK INVOLVED]

There IS this, though (Look at what the Doc checked off, just under "State of Hawaii"):

I would trust the Doc over any kind of spin out of the whitehouse or Gov't media. I am leaning toward "yes" on this. More tomorrow.

Oh, and no, I want to emphasize that this image was NOT PHOTOSHOPPED. used microsoft "Paint", as we cannot afford Photoshop on our limited resources.

Lastly, thanks to Steve Sailer for (either originating or bringing to our attention) the term "President-Eject".

Tuesday - July 18th 2017 7:13AM MST
AG, see and for follow-ups on this breaking story.

You're right though, but that birth certificate did have me going for a while though.
Saturday - July 15th 2017 10:41AM MST
"Is President-Eject Øb☭ma indeed the AntiChrist?"

No. Next question.
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