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Posted On: Thursday - June 7th 2018 8:02AM MST
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Alt-working-title: "Ann Coulter screws the pooch."

OK, that's it! We're broken up again.

For only the 2nd or 3rd time of so in most of a decade, Peak Stupidity blog #1 pundit Ann Coulter has written something that we think is bullshit. It's a shame really, as I may have come up with figure of 95% previously, but I think it's more like 98% of her writing that I've agreed with, as praised here, here, here, here, and here, with a good video of her here.

To mitigate the bad feelings here (maybe we just won't talk to each other for a week or so) even about her latest column 90% of IT is libertarian/conservative goodness. The remaining 10%, to be described in a minute, though, is egregiously wrong, and tends to validate my opinion of women never standing up hard for basic natural principles. Yeah, plenty of men don't too, but as described in regard to #2 pundit, Michelle Malkin, it always seems so come to "this Dept. of Education head is ruining our kids" vs. "There should be NO Dept. of Education". We've got to get back to root causes, call it "roots freedom", and stand for something. Miss Coulter has come across as a welcome exception to this tendency to miss the big picture, but this latest column is an exception from an exception.

Here's some great writing on the "freedom of association" principle that our founders and other forefathers took as a given, yet completely obliterated by the civil rights acts of the 1960's. Ann:
Midway through the last century, bedrock legal principles about property rights and freedom of association were abrogated to deal with a specific, intractable problem: We could not get Democrats to stop discriminating against blacks.
So Republicans, with very little Democratic help, passed a slew of laws saying: No, even though you own that restaurant, you cannot discriminate against black customers. And no, even though we are a free people, you cannot refuse to associate with black people in your clubs, universities or sports teams.
Now, leaving out the "yeah for our team" stuff that I thought Miss Coulter was past (they're just 2 squads of The Party, at this point). Here's comes the stupidity:
This should have been a one-time exception to the law for one specific group of people based on an emergency.
Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong! again. YOU! DO! NOT! MAKE! EXCEPTIONS! FOR! BASIC! CONSTITUTIONAL! PRINCIPLES! .... PERIOD! How are you going to argue back, Ann Coulter, when the principle of the right to bear arms is "excepted" for a year or so in order to get the guns off "the streets" the shelve of white men who may want to stop the slide of their country into Orwellian Stupidity and Totalitarianism? It's being seen already today in formerly-great formerly Britain. If there are exceptions, then there is no basic principle.

Let me get down to the details of this a bit, but a later post will expand on it. it'd been 100 years already 50 years ago during that civil rights protest era since blacks had been enslaved. Here's some news, almost ALL people have ancestors who's people have been enslaved somewhere sometime. 100 years back (now it's > 150) IS NOT RECENT. Get the hell over it, black people. "No, it wasn't just that, but Jim Crow, Jim Crow!" crowed the civil rights crowd. Hey, it may or may not have been a good way to deal with the racial non-assimilation in the South, but it wasn't the worst damn thing in the world either. Can't drink from that water fountain? Drink from the other one. Can't sit in the front of the bus because you're black? Hell, people now often can't sit ANYWHERE on the bus because they're white. The whining needed to stop in 1965, but didn't, and it needs to stop even harder now. If white people won't let you shop in their stores, you start your own stores, etc (and that's the begining of the post to follow on this).

You make special exceptions to the US Constitution at great peril, and that's the peril Miss Coulter complains about in the rest of her article. The civil rights laws are not being used to apply to gays, Moslems ...
Instead of basing favored treatment under the law on a history of brutal and widespread injustice in America, liberals thought it should also be based on other forms of suffering, such as: being a woman, being a Muslim, wanting an abortion, having been born in Mexico, being a smelly homeless person stinking up the public library and—according to Ruth Bader Ginsburg this week—being a gay couple who wants to force a Christian to bake a cake for your wedding.
Yeah, I'm all broken up about these people's rights (h/t Dirty Harry). What'd you expect, Ann, when people, including YOU - #1 Pundit, have this mistaken impression of what "civil rights" really means to begin with. Going backwards a paragraph in the column here:
These days, you could be forgiven for not realizing that civil rights ever had anything to do with black people. According to Equal Opportunity Employment Commission statistics, for a least a decade, 65 percent of all "civil rights" claims have had absolutely nothing to do with race discrimination.
Bullshit, the cntrl-left of the 1960's DECIDED that "civil rights" only applied to black people, and the term has been defined as such. I don't care what they say it means - the term means natural rights as enshrined in the US Constitution, and they should apply to anyone. "CIVIL RIGHTS should protect an open-carrying white citizen hanging out at a coffee shop from police harrasment, just as well as a black person at a protest.

I hope to see little more of this nonsense from the great and fairly influencial liberty-loving/conservative pundit Ann Coulter. I guess isolated small pockets of stupidity are hard to eradicate.

The nation would be in much better shape right now if this wishy-washy thinking hadn't been allowed to become the new law-of-the-land. Maybe this was said best by Mr. Johnny Cougar from his melon camp somewhere in the vicinity of Seymour, Indiana:

This song was not even close to the best song from the John Cougar Mellencamp album Scarecrow, made back in 1985, but it fit with the post, is all.

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