Peak Stupidity Sanctuary Yard policy to be rescinded

Posted On: Wednesday - June 6th 2018 6:38PM MST
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A mosquito doing the job that other insects just won't do:

No more sanctuary for you guys - fun's over!

We tried to live and let live since these invasive nuisances appeared in many areas of the property once border control DDT spraying was eliminated years back. There's lot I've read that argues DDT is NOT the planet killer it was made out to be back in the 1960's. I don't think I am knowledgeable enough to agree or not, though I'll have to do more reading on this.

For a long time Peak Stupidity has been lenient with these undocumented insects. We have compassion that owners of other yards do not seem to have, as they've been spraying them with substances, subjecting them to unexpected electrical shocks, and even using candles to try and burn them (I guess(?) ... doesn't work anyway.) We have held our yard out as a sanctuary for these wayward insects, so they would no longer have to live in the shadows. They come out of the shadows in the evenings, in fact, and most seem to be involved in blood transport work of some kind. These are hard-working creatures who only add value and diversity to bug society and have a lot to teach us humans about humility, new cuisine, and itch home-remedies. Apparently, much of the blood the illegal mosquitoes have been working so hard to harvest is sent in remittances to the mosquito children. Please, people, think of the chillens.

Lately, various (OK most) far-right neighboring cities yards have raised their hate-filled voices against our compassionate treatment of these mosquitoes, worried about them "causing a nuisance" on their own property. They have broken up families even.

We have tried to keep our Sanctuary policy, as some of our mosquitoes have been "sent back home", we've been told from the neighbors. However, after the last few days of itching and scratching, even Peak Stupidity says "No Mas!". We will bring in the spray and exterminate these bastards like there's no tomorrow.

Dragon flies, smaller spiders, lightning bugs and their cousins the fireflies are all still quite welcome. Gnats, you're next, bitchez!

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