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Posted On: Wednesday - June 6th 2018 9:45AM MST
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The conservative writer John Derbyhire writes a "Diary" monthly which is a compilation of various points. His May "issue"* of this column appeared on unz review a few days back, and it had a section about artificially forced diversity in Army brochures and commercials (as examples) along with the strange phenomena all over the place now. (I may have written before, but it's too bad keeps the diary all in one piece, as the comments could be more orderly if Mr. Derbyshire had his various sections posted separately.)

The Peak Stupidity blog can't help noticing stuff either, and I wrote the post "Can't Even Watch Seinfeld Anymore" over a year ago about this very thing. What I meant is, that the commercials with the blatant anti-white, anti-male, and especially anti-white-male agendas made it difficult to watch these re-runs when I was off on business and occasionally wanted to relax and watch my tied-to-favorite funny show. Yes, I use the mute button - I'm no artificial-stupidity early adopter, but I do know about mute buttons. It's not enough people. OK, next you'll tell me to buy the DVD-set ripped/burned in China, or get Netflix/Hulu/whatever. It's nothing against all those myriad services, but I just wanted to relax and watch a few episodes, since it (used to) come on TBS.

At the risk of repeating myself to the reader who may have read that earlier post (what're the chances?):
Each commercial has an interracial couple like this is mandated. There can never be a group of even 3 white guys doing whatever they've gotta do to sell whatever kind of crap is possibly being advertised. Of course the white guy is always the moron who has something to learn from the others about this new product or service. I don't mind a few like this, but it's bothered me that it is every damn one of the commercials. These commercials really clash with the show, and demonstrate how far through the U-bend of the toilet the media have gone with this PC.
Mr. Derbyshire points out this same very recent phenomon in the column I linked to above. Now, don't think it's just a big bias of mine against what I see on TV. It's supposed to be a free country. However, I don't see 1 in 100 interacial couples in real life, and there are lots of races here, believe me. I do know, in some metro areas the white-guy/Oriental-girl combination is pretty common, maybe as much as 10% of couples. It's not however, as seen on TV, and, as usual without the implication of one big planned conspiracy, this is a blatant agenda by the Gov-Media (aka TV) to push their view of how the world SHOULD BE on the public. I just don't like the lies, that's all.

How is it lying? It's a bit before my time, but the 1970's sitcoms, even, say your Mary Tyler Moore's, and your One Day at a Time's sure wanted to push that single-mom life-is-a-blast and not-a-problem agenda. (Yeah, you had Valerie Bertinelli, the hotter-of-two daughters of the red-headed single Mom - hmmm, in real life, who do you think Snyder might be after? He's not Eddie Van Halen, but, hell, he's ON TV!, so he might have had a shot at her too. That's the hook that got people to watch, the hip-hugging clothes of Valerie Berinelli, but stlll, what was the show about again?....) Oh yeah, and Mary Tyler Moore would of course been better off just getting married, as Dad said, if this were real life. Nope, it wasn't real life, but if you knew no better, you'd think the show was just depicting what goes on in real life. That's the pernicious agenda, and these lies have real consequences.

This is why Peak Stupidity, like clockwork, and a commenter named Freddie back on Zerohedge, says "GET OFF THE TV!"

Wait, there's more! There's more to this post (that I'd almost forgotten about) and more you can do if you are really sick of this nonsense. Here's a short vignette of a day in the life of Peak Stupidity:
I went into a small gym last week. Once I got the TV unplugged (nobody else was there at that hour) and settled in to workout, I noticed the artsy B&W photography on the walls. There were 7 framed photos of people working out and sweating. Let’s see, as I recollect – 2 black guys, 1 hispanic gender-forgotten, 2 black women, and 2 white women.

I was the only one working out, and I’m a white guy. Hmmm? Don’t get me wrong. I don’t ask for photographic quotas in the gym to match the membership rolls. It’s just that if you’re gonna act like I’m not welcome there, I’m gonna act like I’m not welcome. I mean, I will still go to workout, because I paid, but I won’t clean the machines. I didn’t. I’m apparently not part of their gym scene, so I see no reason to act like it. "Fuck you people" - I think that’s the phrase I was looking for.

The stupid doesn't stop until lots of people let go of the idea they are going to reason it out with people who only like power, not reason.

* I can see why this phrase could easily be confused with the phrase "may issue" in concealed gun carry lingo, as it therein refers to a state law that infringes on the US Consitution by saying the authorities "may" issue a CCW license (un-constitutional to begin with!) on their whim. Anyway, here, I mean his month of May column.

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