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Posted On: Monday - June 4th 2018 8:33AM MST
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Off of ZH: "A photo taken from inside a Pecos, Texas immigration court shows dozens of illegal immigrants in orange jumpsuits, standing as they await their fate in a "mass trial" designed to expedite their deportation."

Dozens?! That's a drop in the bucket. We need to up this by about 2 orders of magnitude.

Just a quick perusal of ZeroHedge this morning before the browser could get crashed led me to an article entitled Leaked Photo Of Shackled Illegals Shows "Mass Trial" After DOJ Enacts "Zero Tolerance" Policy. Peak Stupidity is not a fan of the "Zero Tolerance" as practiced in the anarcho-tyranny of police-state America, but having a border around your country is, like, just the law and all. Anything besides 0 tolerance in this actually-constitutional realm of the US Feral Gov't would give what we have now, an invasion. What kind of system HAVE we been working under until this article, 50% tolerance? Should we go to geometric tolerancing, say using a 10 mile radius tolerance around border-crossing spots?

This particular article was posted, I'm guessing, for clicks to read or make comments, I suppose, and I just now saw about 290 comments. They will be enjoyable as usual until the browser gets crashed (and this is an office fairly-new software set-up). Usually, even though full-of-it quite often on the political articles, the "Tyler Durdens" who write are pretty in-line with the Peak Stupidity blog. This was sure isn't, yet it is not cross-posted from another writer, it seems. Yeah, OK, so we'll click away - enjoy your income from whatever pernicious ads and scripts, ZH moneygrubbers. (The main ZH page seems to be OK - lately, once I click on an article, I just get away from the computer, take a dump or something worthwhile, and come back in 5 minutes to see if the screen is NEITHER GRAYED OUT BY AN AD NOR VIBRATING, AND JUST STAYING IN ONE FREAKIN' PLACE SO'S I CAN READ!)

I'll just quote one sentence of the article to mak my point:
In short, prospective migrants who choose to circumvent America's immigration laws have to weigh the risk of losing their children against the dangers of remaining in their country of origin.
Mmmkaaay, yeah, that's not much different than "Prospective burglars in gun-free zones have to weigh the risk of losing their children during time in prison against the risk of remaining without that extra cash, jewelry and large-screen TVs."

Along with the usual great snarky, pissed-off, but still worldly-wise comments that one will always see, on Zerohedge articles like these, lots give some additional information you won't find in the Lyin' Press.

A new-to-me commenter with the handle Pernicious-Gold-Phallusy, wrote this excellent comment about the odious business of people-smuggling:
The corrupt Mexican government parasitizes the economy so unemployment is staggeringly high.

What used to happen:

Unemployed men would sneak into the US, work, and send money home to the family. Narcos would extort money from the family. Often the man in the US would find a girlfriend, and stop sending money, leaving his family back home even more destitute. The poor children turned to narco gangs for protection, and a living. The Mexican family is being destroyed. As we know from the earlier experiment in the USA this leads to extreme levels of crime and violence.

Then what happened:

Coyotes inserted themselves into illegal border crossings. Recently the going rate for being guided into the US was over $7,000.00. Coyotes killed unguided immigrants, and killed rival coyotes and their charges. There have been rolling gun battles, between rival coyotes, driving vans containing illegal immigrants, on US Interstate highways in Arizona. After entering the US, coyotes held their charges hostage in houses in the southwestern US to extort more money from the family. Those whose families didn't cough up the cash were murdered.

Coyotes realized smuggled illegal immigrants could carry backpacks full of drugs. Soon every illegal immigrant was forced to carry drugs into the US; hence the term "mule." Coyotes initially made deals with narcos for drug carriage, but the narcos killed all the coyotes and took over the trade.

What's going on now:

The children who enter illegally are protected by DACA. US illegal immigrant NGOs encourage children and their mothers to enter the US illegally, leaving the father back home. The child gets DACA status. The mom gets welfare, which she is forced to send back to Mexico to the narcos. If she doesn't, they kill her husband.

Narcos realized non-Mexicans want to enter the US illegally, too. People from various Middle Eastern countries have been caught entering the US via the southern border. The destruction of the Mexican family, and moral damage to society, worsens.
You can learn lots more from these guys than the writers of articles even on Zerohedge, much less, from the Lyin' Press.

We've given President Trump lots of grief for not following through with most campaign promises regarding this existential issue. However, knowing that some things like this are being done behind the scenes, or under the radar, Peak Stupidity at least has had its spirits buoyed this morning.

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