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Posted On: Friday - June 1st 2018 9:05PM MST
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It's not often that Peak Stupidity gets a piece of the enemy's playbook placed right into our hands! It's not like we're gonna subscribe to the NY Times or anything, so this blog must usually rely on 2nd sources, who DO read the NY Times, oftentimes.

Recently, the Peak Stupidity blog mailroom received a copy of a quarterly journal for journalists, due to an error by the mailman (he usually does a great job, so it was probably a sub.)

Exhibit A: One lefty Lyin' Press playbook:

I did not know why I had received this magazine, thinking it was some advertising of some sort, for quite a while, otherwise it'd have been returned to the correct address with no perusal. However, after opening it up to just the 1st page inside the cover, I came upon this nice tidbit:

Well, that was easy. I see what you're selling, and I don't freakin' want any of it! That was my first thought, and the journal was headed for the trash can, until then I realized that maybe this was not for me. Even more curious now, on who would want this crap, I started skimming the articles. I would expect lefty material right off the bat, and I was not disappointed.

The magazine has articles written to teach journalists how to investigate certain topics. Each one is sort of a play-by-play description of how to do this muckraking, all under the guise of "doing good". The Global Climate DisruptionTM topic came up (but of course!) sure enough - lookee here:

All 50 states, eh? I didn't know the mathematical models were THAT accurate*! Wow. The arrogance of the writing was amazing. As the writer of this one zeroed in on a few states as examples, for Montana, he advised writers to mention that barley doesn't grow as well in warm climates, and to mention this is what beer's made of. Yes, investigative journalists, Montanans will get behind the Global Climate Disruption crusade if you get them worried about the beer. That's the attitude here in this handbook of enemy strategery.

Now for Maine, he advises aspiring climate alarmists to bring up the lobster industry and how these creatures will move up north for the Canadians to trap. Hey, what happened to "one world" and all that? This is good for the Canadians. Maybe Mainers will be able to fish for species that didn't used to come up that far north. Let's not mention crops that might do better around the globe. Please keep in mind that I don't think anyone knows what the climate will do more than a year or two ahead, but, as Peak Stupidity discussed, even if all the "IF's" of the problems with half-assed models of the Earth's climate were "Yes's", why do we assume all effects of a 1 or 2 degree rise in temperatures are bad things, necessarily?

Oh, that's right, I almost forgot, the term "climate deniers" is used in the article, as the writer tells other journalists to try to understand, and that these deniers aren't bad people, just .. stupid or something. Ha, like journalists haven't almost cornered the market in stupidity, like the Hunt Brothers did in Silver in 1979!

It was great to be able to look into the sick minds of the Lyin' Press enemy. Peak Stupidity will report on any more successful espionage right here in these, uhh, pages. It's not easy, when even an Enigma Machine could not break the veil of stupidity of the Lyin' Press.

* Read the rest in this series to really understand my point about the math models: Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5, with summaries of the Climate Math Modeling - Part 1 and Part 2.

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