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Posted On: Thursday - May 31st 2018 10:52PM MST
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(continued directly from previous post.)

Some loud rock-and-roll to go with whatever is said at any rally is always a good thing to get the crowd's energy level up. You're gonna need that. Oh, but I forgot, it may not be legal anyway to make a speech against putting people who make speeches in jail. That can only go on for so long though, so that's why the power of numbers is just one of the things the right must learn from 1960's America.

To get back to very serious, this is just some bizarro Peak Stupidity stuff here. Even Orwell's future-fiction fact, even the Commies did not treat the population this bad in some ways. Let me explain that, as Peak Stupidity is as anti-Commie as the best of them. Indeed, under either the Soviet or Red China Communist regimes, whole lives could be easily ruined just due to rigid control of wealth and occupations by the system. You could not speak out against this system. However, if you spoke out for the people of the country, no matter how horrible the government, you'd not get in trouble. Who in Soviet or Red Chinese government would jail someone for speaking out for the "greatness" of the Russians and the Chinese, respectively?! In Orwell's 1984, no one would not get in trouble for speaking out FOR the Oceanians.

Well, now in "Oceania" (meant to be England in 1984), a man is in jail for standing up FOR the British people and against invited invaders who are NOT British people. That's worse than Orwellian, it's Bizarro-Orwellian, or Bizarro-Communist. To see the white British "Bobbies" (cops) against a crowd of their own people reminds me of another bizarro or Peak of Stupidity effect now, the calling of those on the right "Nazis". Have people forgotten the famous meme from the Nuremburg trials of Nazis involved in killling masses of Jews? It was "we don't care that it was 'just your job' - It's still wrong!". How Nazi-like or Commie-like is it to help your country turn into a 3rd world Moslem shithole, because "I'm just doing my job!" Now, THERE are some Nazi bastards - pushing their fellow Englishmen away who want to free a man who stands up for their own people. Sick, sick stuff over there.

One last thing in the post that has gotten longer than planned, as usual. You'll read how Mr. Robinson is a hothead, a grandstander, and even an infiltrator of the other side. On the first two, I don't know what difference it makes whether he's really a man of priniciple. We've got to realize that being civil and nice is not working - this is not the US Congress in 1950. We need loads of more hotheads! If the guy were an infiltrator, I don't see how this is working well for the ones who sent him. Would you put your infiltrator in jail to cause big crowds to gather outside?

Peak Stupidity supports Tommy Robinson and many more like him to come. These Orwellian Police State happenings across the pond are a harbinger of the way things may get in American too. You can talk all you want about the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights, AND WE DO, but people must defend the document for it to mean anything. I still believe the implementation of the Orwellian tactics that we see happening in England, right there, right now, will only go so far over here before they bounce off a large stone wall. It's called the 2nd Amendment.

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