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Posted On: Thursday - May 31st 2018 9:39AM MST
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The Orwellian plans of the Globalist elites are really coming to fruition across the pond there. The Peak Stupidity blog has mentioned Tommy Robertson a few months back in a post about another rebel against the Orwellian establishment, one Martin Sellner. Mr. Sellner, an Austrian, was detained and refused entry to England for being a troublemaker due to his wish to give a speech at the well known Speaker's Corner in London. Tommy Robertson has spoken out publicly about Globalist's continued push to replace the British people with others from all over the world, with extra emphasis on the Moslem peoples.

The latest is that Mr. Robinson has been rightly and courageously speaking out about the Pakistani mass rapes of young British women. You can call it "grooming" or whatever the hell, but that society should NOT EVEN EXIST in the formerly-Great, formerly-Britain, hence my terminology just now.. Yeah, a few 1000's per year of decent Pakistani people, some Sikhs, some dot-Indians, etc. that can assimilate in socieity are not necessarily a bad thing. Importing an amount already equal to 10% of the country with a bullet? NO, this is a replacement of the people and British society with the others and a whole nother society.

Mr. Robertson has been jailed by the nice English policemen and women for ostensibly breaking some kind of statute, but I'm not even sure what law it may be. He had the gall to speak out against the establisment. What I can say without being a lawyer, is that this goes against all of the British history of rule-of-law, not rule-by-men, due process, and rights of the Englishmen since the Magna freaking Carta! I can also say that the more the population is changed the less people will even KNOW about this history and these rights, as if the stupidity is not high enough now!

About 25 years late, in my opinion, there are some Englishmen finally starting to get bloody pissed (as they might put it). There are videos all around the web showing fairly decent-sized protest being held outside the location where Tommy Robinson is being held. It's not worth my putting anything up here, as the reader can pick through them on youtube. Yeah, as usual Peak Stupidity is just a tad behind here, as Drudge had big headline/links about Mr. Robinson's imprisonment yesterday or Tuesday.

Seeing these videos give me a little bit of hope. There are comparisons to the 1960's to be made, and as now I've written a number of times, especially in this long series - "There's Battle Lines Being Drawn" - - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6, the right (real conservatives and libertarians/constitutionalists) could learn a lot from the 1960's.

On the lighter side, if there is one, I did notice that the protest chants in these videos beat all hell of the 50-year old tired crap that the cntrl-left still spouts at any kind of stupid protest they have. "Hey, ho, hey, ho... somethin' somethin has somethin somethin." That was semi-clever in 1967, OK, but this is the current year. These yobs (I mean that in a good way, whatever "yobs" does mean) in the videos have some good catchy chants. I hear-tell read-tell that this stuff is from the soccer, I mean futeball, games. Remind me to finally put out my post on why soccer is stupid game to begin with - [Yes, by all means - we have a few readers left who have not been offended yet! - Ed]. However, these chants are a refreshing change.

(Wheww, I got really hot writing this one, and it got long... so an already-written continuation post will appear later on.)

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