Nationwide 10,000-Store Barista-Based Synchronized Struggle Session a Success!

Posted On: Wednesday - May 30th 2018 5:19PM MST
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For our non-Chinese-readers: sign says: "Capitalist Roader" in big characters.
Small fonts say "You shouldn't have to buy nuthin!"*

The struggle sessions, now called "diversity training", took up all afternoon at these 10's of thousands of Starbucks stores...

... and it didn't cost us taxpayers a penny! Oh, you coffee drinkers, at least Starbucks customers, yeah, you pay indirectly. I hope the Starbucks corporation ends up losing some customers, just a few of which may have gotten upset about not having the place open yesterday afternoon and gone elsewhere and gotten hooked. Much better, however, and probably more in numbers, would be those who know what this struggle-session racist BS is about and decide to boycott the place. You can get fancy cups of coffee with all kinds of sugary stuff in it, in sizes teenissimo to GRANDE and with all kinds of fancy Italian names, plenty of other places nowadays. This is not the day of your Granddaddy's Viennese KaffeeHaus. (Although, with all the fist-pounding about "the masses" and "there needs to be a LAW" stuff going on, the scene hasn't changed completely, and Peak Stupidity recommends the name "The Breeding Grounds" for the next big chain of coffee shops. Hey, no charge, this time.)

In case you haven't kept up any better than the Peak Stupidity blog, yesterday was the day that Starbucks closed the stores to indoctrinate educate their employees on the way to better treat customers of different races, temperaments, and states of bathroom ownership. We did post about this at the beginning of the month, upon reading about it, with constructive suggestions, mostly to the effect of "young people need to raise more hell, in a proper manner." Sending out tweets is NOT raising hell, young people! I hope that was constructive... see constructive criticism is the way to go.

I hope to just have a chance to chat about what was said for 4 hours, with one of the guys working there when I meet a few friends next time at a Starbucks. It's not so easy now for people to talk freely. Even where one can sit outside, a bit away from others, how will the guy know I'm not some other SJW freak recording him? The lack of privacy is such a problem these days due to the electronics on us. The way it goes now, some of the young people, especially those aware of how often one is being photographed, videoed, and audio-recorded, may believe that the thoughts in their heads must always stay in their heads and never get out. So far, the big corporate-big-gov establishment can only try to put their thoughts in - they can't take other ones out ... YET.

PS: BTW, the term "struggle-session" comes from the Chinese Cultural Revolution (that probably should be called Cult-Rev 1.0 at this point). It was one real shit-show of human degradation and stupidity on a massive scale that only China could do, so far. Can we show them up, stupidity-wise? America is trying our best - 'Mericka , fuck yeah!

PPS: People see that period in China as only a couple of years, maybe 1967-1968 or so. That may have been China's local Peak Stupidity, but the whole thing went on for most of a decade. The funny thing is, America was having our own cultural upheavals, but of a fairly different sort. That'd make a good post to come.

PPPS (added 05/31 AM): From a commenter who goes by the handle "Inquiring Mind", under this Steve Sailer post, comes a neat way to look at the irony of this Starbucks Stupidity:
Back then, civil rights protestors were arrested for wanting to buy something at a lunch counter, but today, they wanted to see if they could be arrested for not wanting to buy something at a lunch counter.
Heh! It's funny cause it's true! [/Homer]

* The reader should keep in mind that this writer has not taken any formal courses in Mandarin, but has spent many hours watching a Chinese cutie on youtube.

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