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This is the 2nd post to be taken verbatim by a commenter who goes by the handle Mark Green (well, he may very well be Mark Green - we neither know nor ask), who writes some great essay comments on unz.com. The previous one was about the Neocons, as is the one, written under the latest Pat Buchanan column, What Is America's Cause in the World Today? a discussion of America' foreign policy the Memorial Day.

I agree with the following about 90 - 95%:
This is a wobbly, unfocused article by Pat.

America’s (foreign) missions have been shadowy, ad hoc and willy-nilly for generations. And Pat know this. He said as much in his monumental book, ‘The Unnecessary War’. As for America’s national ’cause’, it should be the freedom, continuity and prosperity of the American people. Far-flung, trillion-dollar military interventions will be our undoing.

Indeed, the mighty and far-removed US did not have to fight Germany in either World War. Until Pearl Harbor, millions of Americans defiantly sought neutrality and non-intervention. But agents of influence had other plans..

Had the US stayed neutral and not intervened, diplomatic opportunities could have been seized. Contrary to popular belief, neither Japan nor Germany nor Italy wanted war with America. WWII was a colossal calamity of missed opportunities and world class manipulation.

In a similar vein, the US did not have to ‘liberate’ Kuwait, depose Khadaffy, bomb Syria, or topple Saddam Hussein. These were lethal missions of choice. And their sad legacies have not improved over time.

Why aren’t the architects of these mass slaughters in prison?

Ironically, the same pro-war influence-peddles are still lobbying Congress, appearing on TV, and steering US policies in the direction of more conflict!

This recurring phenomena is symptomatic of entrenched political corruption. Even our news institutions have been subverted. ‘Surveillance is safety’. ‘War is peace’.

So why is Pat waxing nostalgic for WWII? Washington’s sacred mission to annihilate Fascism and National Socialism helped give rise to Soviet totalitarianism and global Zionism.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire?

Today, there’s precious little common sense connected to America’s erratic and aggressive warmaking. US policies certainly do not revolve around the value of ‘peaceful coexistence’ or self-defense. In fact, the US routinely attacks first, and often without a Congressional declaration of war. Zio-Washington has become not only the world’s policeman, but its judge, jury and executioner. And the rules we impose are not steadfast or consistent.

Thus Washington uses the UN when it suits its agenda, and ignores it when it doesn’t. We decide.
Even multi-lateral US treaty agreements are tossed aside. The scuttled Iran deal is a prime example. But diplomacy of this kind resembles the mafia: “Do as we say. Or else”.

In a similar vein, some US allies get special consideration (‘special relationship’ ring a bell?) while others, not. It depends. Rules are subject to change. Money and ‘relationships’ are key, especially money. Ironclad laws or principles must wait. This is organized crime all over again.

Bear in mind that America’s ‘exceptional’ posture has given us more foreign wars over the past century than any nation in history. That’s quite a record.

Does ‘rogue state’ ring a bell?

Today, America’s central ’cause’ abroad revolves around the safety and ‘security’ of Israel. This shoe does fit.

And it is pro-Israel partisans who are calling the shots in Washington (as Pat surely knows) just as they continue to script the moral/historic/political narrative that appears on our televisions. This is power. Unrivaled power.

Has the golden age of Yiddish theater returned?

If polls mattered, America’s actual mission in the world would be to protect US borders, and increase prosperity at home (as well as preserve our existing cultural institutions). US resources would be used primarily for the benefit of the American people.

Ron Paul and others have been sounding the ‘peace and prosperity’ bell for decades.

But what typical Americans get instead are distant ‘preemptive’ wars, open borders, and economic globalism.

Zio-America has become a corrupt empire, unmoored to international law or even national interests (as measured by public sentiment.)

Today’s America is fighting to ”Make Israel Great Again’. This is the road to ruin.

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