"First Responders!" at "The Office"

Posted On: Friday - May 25th 2018 7:59PM MST
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(This is the 5th part in a series starting with this First Responders post, but more like an interlude for some humor.)

After reading the 1st of this series of posts, a reader remarked to me that his workplace uses the term "First Responders" for their employees who have some special training in first aid or the like. CPR would be a good example. Though still sounding make-up and stupid, at least this term has more of a good use here, as what did we call these people before?

Of course it's a good deal to have some employees who can give first-aid, or at least are really up on where the fire extinguishers are. Life in the cube during those forced 9 hours per day can get to where I could see one hoping to get a break and really be the 1st to respond to something ... anything... get me outta this cube.

The clip below from The Office is from one of the funniest ever episodes of that brilliant show, and I don't write "brilliant" in the way of Englishmen to mean just "OK". The show was downright hilarious until near the end of it. Best of all, or probably this is the cause, but it is the most Politically Incorrect TV show from the era in which PC was already the BIG THING. The show ran about a decade after Seinfeld which was made before TV was quite as infested. (Oh, you've got to see this one too!)

This 4:38 part is the best, but to give some background, this fits in great with this "First Responders!" series, as Dwight Schrute, as The Office First Responder had previously conducted a very realistic fire drill. It was realistic enough to give Stanley (the black guy) a heart attack, prompting the boss Michael Scott to arrange for the CPR class shown below:

First Responders in Training:

[UPDATED 10/28/23:]
That whole clip is gone from youtube. However, this ~3 minute one has the good stuff.]

Sunday - May 27th 2018 7:50AM MST
PS: I suspected as much about your name, as it didn't seem American, yet just didn't seem to be from any other freakin' place either. ;-}

Anyway, do you see where Michael Scott has his right hand up to his ear, as the Bee Gees did from my recollection? They wanted to hear their own voices above the sound from the monitor speakers - almost their trademark. LOL indeed - yeah, I'd say it came from texting, but the internet was used way before texting, I guess ??
Saturday - May 26th 2018 12:21PM MST
PS I always hated the INTERNET term LOL, because well, I never even heard the non-initialized phrase until internet commenting started. In other words, I don't think the phrase came around until internet days...could be wrong there. Okay, enough about that...this video had me laughing out loud in the realest and truest sense. Well, it had me laughing, which by definition exudes some sort of audible signal. Anyway, I love the dub-uh-dub-uh-dub-uh part near the end of their performance, for the fast-talking part that nobody knows the words to haha. Thank you mister peak stupidity (whatever your actual name is) for linking this clip. What...you don't think Fiddlesticks is my real name?
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