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Posted On: Wednesday - May 23rd 2018 6:59PM MST
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Yeah, boys of all ages like the shiny pump trucks and firehouses. Our post "First Responders and Heroes" may have sounded disparaging to firemen, but it was just written to set the record straight. "First Responders" are not gods of the age, and that includes firemen.

OMG, that was sure not politically correct, as just about everyone, in the (government and any other) schools calls these guys "firefighters". Excuse me if I don't take to the PC very well. Where I live I have seen NOT ONE single woman firemanfighter. I know there are some. I would imagine even 4 decades ago, before the PC, there may have been some women working in this area. Nobody was keeping anyone out who could pass the tests and do the job. That is the key though. In a less stupid, I mean, Politically Correct world, common sense led people to realize that, sure, it doesn't seem right to keep a perfectly capable women from this job on her merits.

That's a big no-no now. The rules and standards have been changed and lowered specifically to LET women into this field, as we all know that a lot of physical strength and stamina can be required. True, that's not most of the time, such as when they are shooting pool or watching Netflix in the firehouse. It's not just when the real actual firefighting work occurs though either. Hoses have to be organized, trucks washed continually, and maintenance must be done on the trucks. Women aren't made for this work. OK, this is getting boring even to write, as any non-moronic reader already knows how things go in this country. Let me get it over with: It's worth it, if just a few more people die each year in fires (including smokejumpers out west), if it lets us be more Politically Correct as a people, right? Am I right? Hell, no! FIREMEN, it is!

Now, just a little bit more on the subject of firemen to wrap this up, and, to be complete, I have posts, with personal anecdotes, coming on the other 2 kinds of "FIRST RESPONDERS!", the EMS and the cops. As I mentioned in that previous post, a majority of the calls that result in firemen taking to the trucks and the roads are false alarms. There are a number of reasons. I'd say the biggest is that the amount of detection and alerting electronics is so much higher than in the past. I doubt there are as many false alarms from pranksters or real troublemakers pulling the handles all over commercial buildings, because people don't raise hell like they use to and the cameras all over the place (probably explaining some of the lack of hell-raising right there). However, the electronics are not perfect and lean toward the safe side for liability reasons.

That doesn't make the firemen deadbeats, by any means. It just means that the job is safer but less rewarding, I'd guess. There's lots of putting on suits and riding around town making lots of light and noise and waving to the chicks and children. Once in a while, it gets serious. That's not as often as in the past when there was less equipment and more real fires. You didn't fool around with pranksters, including even little curious monkeys:

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