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Posted On: Tuesday - May 22nd 2018 7:07PM MST
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I have gotten sick enough of this Commie Pope Francis of ours yours, you Catholics, that I had to just now add a new Topic Key, "So-called Pope Francis", just for this fuckin' guy. Is there no impeachment process? What is it some kind of dynastic totalitarian system you got there up in the Vatican?

Now, it's something he's said that has perturbed the usually unperturbable Pat Buchanan with some talk about homosexuality ("Can a Pope Change Moral Truth?") Peak Stupidity does not expound much on this topic and could just as well leave this to the Catholic Church to hash out after Mass back in the confessional booth or somewhere. However, it sounds like this Pope is just not much of a true Catholic, and, since Mr. Buchanan picked up on Peak Stupidity's Is the Pope Catholic" meme, we felt obligated to respond with a limerick.

Actually, this was also in response to a serial limerick writer with the handle Eustace Tilley (not), who rhymes:
Now the Altar Boy’s starting to sweat,
Clutching tightly his rosary wet.
Keep your mind on your beads
As the Lawgiver bleeds:
Your idol’s not toppled – not yet.
Quoth Peak Stupidity:
“Is he Catholic?”, we joked ’bout the Pope.
But this new guy, it’s “Is he on dope!?"
‘Tween inviting the schlomos,
and a penchant for homos,
we’re gonna need soap-on-a-rope.
Maybe one more would be nice:
Ask "Does a bear shit in the woods?"
"Is the Pope Catholic?" in some neighborhoods.
the answer a given,
but no, now they've striven
to sell us a new bill of goods.
Peak Stupidity Survey # 1:
[] - Stick to your day job.
[] - Quit your day job, but don't write limericks.
[] - Keep blogging, without limericks.
[] - None of the above.

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