Minnesota Nice, terrorists, and the Security State

Posted On: Saturday - May 19th 2018 10:21AM MST
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While writing the post Nice and Stupid DO NOT MIX, people! the other day, I had something more to say that post-length precluded. This story is a 1st-hand one.

Somalians - Security Training? Really?

At a work site in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we ended up having to work in an area where one needs "badges" (pieces of plastic), "escorting", and all that security-state crap that is around when in a "sensitive" area. This was a place in which someone could do a lot of harm to the public, if he were bent on that, pretty easily, in fact. I just put those quotes around the words because most security-state stuff is for show and not truly a serious attempt at preventing what the AUTHORITAE seem to be most worried about. I'll get to that, or you'll just understand that from the gist of the story here.

This was a lot like my experience at the Eiffel Tower, dealing with the French Estate Securite. I had had about enough of the bullshit, as all the Americans had to go through all the hassle to get things done, while in the meantime, the workforce out in the "Secure Zone" consisted of AT LEAST 1/2 SOMALIANS! Yeah, true. Now, I'm sure some manager over them could tell me about the extensive, extensive background checks done on these men and women. Yeah, right, you people checked for arrests and traffic tickets since they've been here for 3 years. Uh-huh, OK, but how 'bout the other 25 years back in the chaos of Somalia? Got the records from their high schools, if any? Got the paperwork from jihadi clubs, do ya?

I don't like being bullshitted, so just stop, security-state apparatchiks. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining. You tell us that we should take this terrorism stuff seriously, yet you have hundreds of Somalians working in the "Secure Zone".

Now, this nice Minnesota lady was standing around checking who goes where. I'd had enough and said, "what are you worried about me for, there's a bunch of Somalians working over there?" Wow, that smile just disappeared, as I was NOT AS NICE as she was! "What do you mean by that?" she scolded, figuring I'd apologize. "I mean, it's defeating the purpose!" I said, and walked off. What would go through a snowflake like that's mind?

In the words of Cosmo Cramer "oh, yeeaaahhhhhhh!"

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