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Posted On: Friday - May 18th 2018 7:02PM MST
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We've had just a little less to fear from the reaper since early November of 2016. No matter how badly President Trump has been screwing up and how many promises he's already broken, don't you wake up each morning and just think "whewww, imagine if that nightmare had been real."? WELL, DAMMIT, YOU SHOULD! The Hildabeast of our nightmares pops up to mouth off with that forked tongue every few months, but it's not enough to make me have to change the sheets more than I would regularly.

Since this is post number 666, the Peak Stupidity blog will lay off our regularly scheduled smorgasbord of stupidity, if you will, for today, and just present some music that is appropriate for the post number.

"All our times have come.
Here but now they're gone.
Seasons don't fear the reaper,
nor do the wind, the sun or the rain.
We can be like they are/

Come on baby... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby take my hand... Don't fear the Reaper
We'll be able to fly... Don't fear the Reaper
Baby I'm your man...

Blue Oyster Cult (and, for the life of me, I never knew you had to put 2 dots over the "O" in Oyster. WTF is up with that? I've got vertical pairs of dots, but not horizontal, sorry):

Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar and vocals
Eric Bloom - lead vocals, "stun guitar"
Allen Lanier - keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Joe Bouchard - bass, backing vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, percussion, backing vocals

They were from Long Island, New York.

BTW, I'd wanted to write some more related to this morning's post on "Minnesota Nice" and the Somalians, but post # 666 doesn't come around every day, ya know.

Man it's a week later or so after I wrote this, but I really forgot to add that I had for a long time thought this song was Don't fear the reefer. I mean it was from the 1970's, it only stood to reason that Blue Oyster Cult wanted their fans to enjoy it as much as they did.

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