Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 4

Posted On: Wednesday - May 16th 2018 3:53PM MST
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This is the concluding post from the series - Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

What's this guy got to do with it?

Why is the AntiChrist Soros' ugly mug on here? I'll tell ya. It's because, as King of the Globalists, he represents the people who want to destroy nations - the whole concept of nations, that is - and this has to do with the Population Bombs and Duds, how??

I'll tell ya, but let me wrap this whole thing up to include the ideas from the other 3 posts. The worries about the Population Bomb (singular, as in, the whole world, used at that time) dissipated over the years, for a number of reasons:

1) By the 1970's the baby boom all over the West was over. See posts 1, 2 , and 3 of the Peak Stupidity discussion on "Demographic Soo-ee-cide of the West". The problem WAS defused there. By about 2 decades later, the developed Far East (the Orient, that is) had also defused their population bombs (see Parts 2 and 3) If that had been the end of it, these nations would have remained great places. In the West, however, the Globalists had other plans.

2) Over in the underdeveloped lands, the "shitholes" in modern parlance, the Population Bomb there had not been diffused.However, the cntrl-left does not want to talk about that, as that would be racist. They chewed out the Westerners for a few decades about not ruining the planet with all those children, but won't say a word about Africa and the Middle Eastern lands. I will include a graph (again with projected data 2020- 2050, so take that part whatever way you want) from Part 3, the conclusion of the Demo-suicide posts. (Note the numbers are /1000, as in Billions, not Millions)

That bright red is a large amount of people, with the legend "Asia except China and Japan". Well, Asian Russia can't be more than 100 million, and the Koreas are stable, there's over 90 million Vietnamese, so most of that red is India and the Moslem countries. And then there's Africa in purple. The purple and the red are the numbers growing pretty rapidly at the current time. We don't know what will happen in those countries. It may not level off for a century, and those places are un-diffused Population Bombs.*

The big problem is that the Globalists want to set new detonators in the defused Population Bombs of the developed world, the West and the Orient. The want to fill these lands with people fleeing these Population Bomb countries to make sure we no longer have coherent nations. They just can't stand having middle-class, united peoples in their world, it seems.
If they can get 10-20% of the people out of the Population Bomb world, that will be more than enough to preclude assimilation and completely change the make-up of the nations to which they migrate. Now, that's a feature, not a bug, to the Globalists. That this huge migration will not nearly be enough to relieve the pressure in the origination nations does not really concern them.

The Globalists and their useful idiots have been implementing their plan very successfuly (SO FAR) in the West, as the Western people seem have a very big built-in guilt complex. In the Orient however (China in Part 2 and Japan/Korea in Part 3), it is a different story. The Globalist line of BS is not making many inroads there. The Chinese realize what enough people looks like and will not even let many Chinese people move back! Likewise, the Japanese display no nonsense when admitting people to stay for good in Japan. You can go look back at VDare articles and elsewhere around the web, but it is almost laughably encouraging. When one reads about the admission of refugees and sees numbers like 4 or 5, that's not 4 or 5 THOUSAND, not 4 or 5 HUNDRED even, but 4 or 5 PEOPLE!

That's why the Lyin Press flying monkeys under Globalist control keep trying to pound in the exact opposite worry from 5 decades back - "OMG! There will be no people left! You can't support yourselves. You've got to let more people in your country, or ... some bad things will happen!" Whatever happened to those hippies from the 60's telling us that we were polluting the world with all this offspring? Oh, wait, that was only for white people to listen to.

Well at least the Japanese and Chinese just will not let their nation be changed, like it or not, Soros.

* Latin America, especially South America is kind of an exception. Even without a whole lot of prosperity, the bomb has been somewhat diffused, and it's a smaller bomb to begin with.

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