Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 3

Posted On: Monday - May 14th 2018 9:20AM MST
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(continued from this post.)

Japan - are they really running out of people?

At he end of the last Peak Stupidity blog post on the subject of the Population Bombs and Duds we left the reader off in the Orient, specifically China. OK, readers, back on the tour bus with your easily mis-understandable guide to another factory outlet scenic location, the [WTF? - is this a 4th grade book report? - Ed] country of Japan. Much of the rest of the Orient, especially Southeast Asia, formerly called Indochina, is almost as population-dense as China and Japan, but China has always been a special case, just having a big share of the world's population and Japan is a modern Western-like society. The others in the region, although rising fast, can still be lumped with Latin America in terms of development, so aren't quite material to the point being made for these 2 big ones and the Western world. (OK, lump S. Korea with whatever I write here about Japan - it seems a similar situation.)

The population of Japan has already been decreasing, albeit slightly for now, for about 8 years. It's not been due to anything unusual, just the expected change due to the country having been pretty much prosperous and developed for 40-odd years now. Again, this is a good thing in general, as Japan was always held up as one of those crowded places that was just going to get worse. There are still 127 million people in that country that is slightly smaller in land area than the State of California (lost a bet on that, so I've got that down now!). Yet, California has roughly 40 million, and I considered it getting crowded enough for me back 25 years ago with 30 million! Besides just the beautiful land of varied topography and climate and part-nutty, but still wonderful people (a veritable Paradise Lost, at this point), California back in the day had room to spread out, "find yourself", or just get a few acres in a canyon on the coast to just meditate, medicate, and burn up that trust fund, while completely avoided the use of clothing (OK, that last part was just my image of it.)

This decrease has been ~ 1 million people from 2010, and man, I HATE, HATE, HATE people that make graphs with cherry-picked enlarged y-axes! Here is an example of making this drop into an El Capitan via the use of a bar graph with an enlarged y-axis, showing only values from 126.6 to 128.2 million. That doesn't just take stupdity; that takes some gall.

Having this total population decrease slowly toward a level more fitting for that fairly small chunk of land is a good thing for the Japanese people. Sure, there are problems with the demographics on a medium (generation or two) scale, with the age cohorts that is. There is a relatively much bigger number of old people, for instance. There are fewer people coming into the workforce paying their taxes to support the pretty-damned-socialized system of government. Socialism aside as a problem in and unto itself, these medium-term problems can and are already being solved by the Japanese. We all know that the Japs are no slouches when it comes to invention, including in the social realm (sex robots, anyone?) The country is a cohesive, unified society of one type of people that can peacefully get through the slow population transition to a stable demographic profile with just a lower total. This is leading very close to the point of this series, though I still want to wrap it up with a summary in Part 4.

(Completely off the subject just for a paragraph, but let me write this here because I wanted to go through the VDare.com website to look for Japan articles and blog posts. I'd like to point out that the site has become barely usable, format-wise, on a number of different devices, since they made it through a bunch of anti-truth hacker "Denial-of-Service" attacks a month or so back. I hope they can straighten out the site soon, because it's one of my favorites and source - as they advertise - of comprehensive info. on immigration - all aspects.)

VDare is not a travel/geography site, right, so what does that have to do with anything? I'll tell ya'. Due to that explained in the above aside, rather than point out directly some of the many (probably in the dozens over they years) articles about Japan, I will just say that the country is discussed there due to the immigration issue. I don't mean that Japan itself HAS any issue - no, that's the problem for the globalists, and why that nation is discussed on VDare. See, Japan takes immigration very seriously, because they, like, want to remain Japanese and shit. Talk about your in-your-face gall! Wanting to remain unified and resisting population replacement takes more gall than can be found in the biohazard trash-can of an operation room that specializes in gall-bladder removal! (Yes, Peak Stupidity made that one up.)

That's what is pushed now by the Globalists via their Lyin' Press - If you've got everything under control in your country, maybe you should change that with an immigration invasion. We can't have countries just taking care of problems and doing their own thing ... wouldn't be prudent. OK, Part 4 will wrap this up nicely. It'll be coming in a day or two.

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