Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 2

Posted On: Saturday - May 12th 2018 7:30PM MST
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(This is a continuation of this post.)

On to the Orient. Let's get one thing straight first. "Orient" means "East" from it's roots in Latin. Conversely, "Occident" means "West". How it calling someone "Oriental" or a whole region of the world "The Orient", a slur on anyone or anything? Using "Asian" is ludicrous, as Asia is the biggest continent in the world, and all sorts of people that aren't Oriental live there! That's a subject for another curmudgeonry post, though I did get started on this a bit on the post Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?. Anyway, Oriental is is, dammit!

Serenity now ... OK, in Part 1, I discussed the ongoing demographic transitions that are especially scare regarding Africa as a real population bomb, per old Club o' Rome lingo. The next post will be about Japan, which is kind of the impetus for getting to the final point I will make. However, China has been a special case of continuous over-population for centuries. Back in the post A tale of 2 Countries (for picking blackberries) Peak Stupidity wrote the following regarding the Chinese population density (at least this time I am including a map. I'm nothing if not a big map guy.)
Do you know that China had more people, over 400 million, in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, back before 1900 AD, than we have now? It's been overpopulated for a long time, and keep in mind that, though the land area on a map looks close to that of the continental US, the western 40% of that is just Tibet and Xinjiang , both just mostly barely-inhabited mountains and high desert. Then the other 60% is mostly mountainous. I'd estimate the population density of China as 15 X what we have in America, not 5 X, as one might think from a glance at the globe.
See that brown in the northwest and tan to the west? Subtract that out in your mind, and look at the land left.

The place has been crowded for about forever, and way overcrowded is the way any American not from NY City would see it. After the death of the Commie Chairman Mao in 1976, the next leader Deng Xiaoping instituted the widely-discussed One-Child policy. Controlling, or trying to, how the population may reproduce is about as Statist or tyrannical as it gets, folks. I'd never defend it, as had Communism not turned that nation into a backwater shithole for 3 decades already, China could have become a modern prosperous nation more quickly, resulting in a tailing off of the population increases. That said, one must admit that the policy took care of the problem. The population has leveled off to the point where this draconian policy has been completely removed as of late. (Please don't think that a Chinaman would get shot for having a 2nd kid, but it was more like dismissal from jobs, rejection of school attendance of the kid, etc. Additionally, out in the country, it was a lot more like anything goes, not matter what the dipshits in Peking came up with. The Peak Stupidity blog just discussed something about that this week.)

Now, in China, the big cohort of young working-age men and woman (the Commies were kinda big feminists in that sense - hey, double the people, double the output, praise be to the Chairman, and all that crap - been there, got the Mao jacket) has also diminished, as the first of the only-children generation are in their late 30's. The cheap manufacturing is being done in Vietnam, Bangladesh, and elsewhere now. The elderly demographic is rising quickly. This concerns such websites as Zerohedge, and this one, "No Longer Reversible": China's Low Fertility Rate And Birth Restrictions Set Stage For Disaster. OK, first let me say that, though we've praised the site just this week about the commenters and have learned so much over the years from the writers on financial topics, their political articles are hit-and-miss on stupidity value. This is one of the misses.

Let's get this straight: Too many people is bad (we agree!), but not quite as many anymore, but still a lot of Chinamen, is also bad and is leading to DISASTER. Durden, please! Well, if the site doesn't fuck with your browser too much, enjoy the comments, but the article is downright silly. China is definitely better off with fewer people. Now, they do like living together, so maybe 500 million would be closer to right. If Americans, who don't, were living there, 100 million would be fine for that mostly-mountainous territory. Plus we'd appreciate the wall all set-up for us.

This post is dancing around the conclusion as to the good and bad of the modern-day demographics around the world. We will look at Japan in the next post to illustrate our opinion of why people, err, cough, the Globalists, cough, cough, are purposefully misunderstanding the good and bad of the trends and spouting off about it. Immigration Stupidity is a big part of this propaganda.

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