Notre Dame cathedral and Le State Securite

Posted On: Friday - May 11th 2018 7:38PM MST
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(I don't have topic keys for everything, hence using the "US Police State" tag, but this was in France.)

A while back the family had a chance to see Gay Paris - no you don't have to be gay, but it probably helps. A few post ideas occurred to me during the trip, but it's been a while and I recall only 2 things, this being one of them and related to the 2nd one to come.

We had run into parts of the now-considered-necessary security apparatus at some of the famous sites in Paris. I had expected that from reading VDare for 15 years, and they keep up with the immigration stupidity "across the pond" pretty well, as does Zerohedge, BTW. We all know that the Moslem immigration has caused a need to lock things up. I mean what can one do, right? ... because I guess sending people home or keeping them out is too embarrassing compared to just the occasional everyday bomb, beheading, or sidewalk mow-down.

Anyway, so after going through a load of trouble (to be mentioned in that other Paris post to come), we entered the Notre Dame cathedral one fine warm day. I had a hat on for the sunshine, and a guard of some sort asked me to remove it. Thinking that this was just another annoying security deal, I took my hat off, said "see, just hair, whaddya' expect", realizing that my joke may fall flat, and put it back on after he had a chance to look.

"Non!" he emphasized "you must take your hat off." "Uhh... oh!! So, sorry!" I realized through his faulting English, that he just meant for me to KEEP the hat off. Why? We were in a Church, and one of the most beautiful, amazing ones in the world at that. I had just assumed I was going through Le Securite detail stuff that is cropping up everywhere. I was very embarrassed not for just misunderstanding but for not having thought of taking my hat off for this reason to begin with. What a relief that was from the modern world!

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