There's no such thing as a free steak dinner

Posted On: Thursday - May 10th 2018 6:32PM MST
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Hat tip to Milton Friedman, Libertarian economist, in case you thought Peak Stupidity made this one up.

This is what you have to go through to get the scrumptious meal, but that's not what Milton Friedman meant, was it?

More asterisks than the baseball stats after the strike.

Let's read: "Products [sic] that keep your principal safe from market declines" Oh, so they are selling cash and gun safes? That's the only way I know your money will be safe, and even then, not from inflation. The drawback is you may lose 0.15 % interest, enough cash to power the de-humidifier in your safe and get one box of .380 FMJ.

"Strategies to feel good about your retirement strategies." That's a lot of strategizing. You're going to feel good as that steak is going down, and that's all that matters, right? You may not feel so good later after having eaten a big meal that late - possibly it'd have been better having just gone to the Early Bird Special to gum down that creamed corn instead.

Oh, I see, "How you can get income you can't outlive." Make sure you get the steak cooked at least medium-well. I wonder if that's what they're up to.

"... that let you avoid taxes..." Count me in! I don't care how bad this strategy is going to be, long as I can screw over the IRS and the Feral Gov., I'll be a happy camper.

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