Have the Population Bombs been Duds? - Part 1

Posted On: Thursday - May 10th 2018 5:57PM MST
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Math worked out prior to appropriation of Peak Stupidity research grant money:

(As soon as I started thinking of this post, it came to mind that the point will be too long for just one. Therefore, this will be the 1st of 2 or 3.)

If you are old enough or read enough political history, you may know about the "Club of Rome". It was not a drinking establishment, though that's not to say the discussions held there (if there really was a physical club) wouldn't encourage a heavy amount of it. During the early 1970's, about Earth Day's Birthday, out-of-control exponentially-growing population around the world was the biggest fear 2nd to nuclear war, I'd guess. The graph above is one of perhaps thousands, as the group, others, and their followers, almost all in the Western world were getting freaked out. Step ahead only 1 1/2 decades in history, and you would not only not have heard of this stuff, but it would be generally pooh-poohed already by the political establishment, both left (they had their cultural war to wage .. so much ... to destroy ... not ... enough ... time ...) and the right (never took it seriously as we were going to prosperity our way out of it).

How's this all been working out? There are almost 8,000,000,000 (8 billion, but it's good to see the zeros) people in the world now, and there were ~ 3 billion when the Club of Rome and the environmental movement in general were greatly worried about the "population bomb".

(Note the word "projected" on the right.
That is Non-Governmental-Organization-speak for "rectal extraction".
Dark blue is all we know.
Also, I'm not very enamored with this particular graph, as I really didn't need the 1st derivative - red line - and the scale of the value itself must be read as 0.2% = 1 billion.)

One can see why people were getting worried back in the early 1970's as the curve had just turned more sharply upward do not solely the baby boom in the 1st world, but moreso due to health improvements in the 3rd world (the 2nd world, in case you're wondering, was the Communist world, mostly the USSR and Red China - due to Chairman Mao, Red China could be in the 2nd and 3rd categories, a bifecta, if you will!). I will not go over all the details, but this was just to point out the prevailing worries of the 1st world. The 3rd world was happy to be eating better and having just as many kids a previously ... watch out ...

What happened in the 1st world was that population numbers stabilized very well until the effects of massive immigration to "some countries" was felt by the 1990's. However, before that, or barring that, population was becoming stable (or would have) and even declining in various places. Now, I could not say that the worries of a population bomb that were lectured to people all over the 1st world were the reason for things stabilizing. Family formation was hindered greatly by the infestation of feminism, and the implementation of the welfare state just created a dysgenic effect in which the people having the most offspring were those who could least afford to raise them right and passed on some of the worst genes of society.

During this time the 3rd world just put the pedal to the metal. I don't think the matter of whether they heard about the coming population bomb or not would have had any effect. They didn't care. They didn't have a lot of feminism to ruin the family unit either.

It seemed like (for various ACTUAL reasons, of course) that the developed world was doing it's part to diffuse this population bomb, while behind the scenes (most didn't care, but it's raciss to mention it), the 3rd world was arming a bomb of it's own. With that going on, one could say, or could have said, "hey, that's their own business." Not any more it isn't though, with the Globalist push for population replacement in the developed world. That's getting close to my point, coming next post... I sure hope!

Last November, the Peak Stupidity blog posted a sequence of 3 pieces on this "demographic soo-eee-cide", so before the next in this sequence, the reader may want to peruse Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of that series. I will show last though, to illustrate the problems coming, one graph that has been highlighted by Mr. Steve Sailer time and again, as "The World's Most Important Graph" (more here, but Sailer's been over this many times, so do a search on unz.com for lots of hits on this.)

For this one, I cropped the heck out of the graph to get rid of most of the projected stuff. It's only going out 20 years there, but it's worrisome nonetheless.

Next time: Let's talk about the Orient.

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