Where have all the Czars gone?

Posted On: Wednesday - May 9th 2018 7:17PM MST
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"... long time passing."
Tsar Nicholas and family, before being murdered by the Commies.

Last summer, a century ago, the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II (Nicholas Romanov), was imprisoned after abdicating his position of Czar due to the turmoil and tragedy of the Great War Russia had been fighting in since the summer of 1914. It's not long after today, a century ago, in June of 1918, that he and his whole family were killed by the Bolsheviks*. The Peak Stupidity blog is not a history site, for the simple reason that the higher level of stupidity in today's world deserves our focus. Not, only that, but 20 or 50 of my posts wouldn't do the subject justice compared to a talk with your local Russian history Czar, errr, professor.

Something that came up in my head though recently, is a thought not about the Czars that ran Russian, but the "Czars" that used to try to run things in America. I mean the appointed positions in previous US Presidential administrations that were named "Health Czar" and "Economic Czar", etc. That was going on for a few decades, and getting a little out of hand, if I do say so. See, the idea was that the bureaucracy was getting too much to handle, and the various agencies worked at conflicting agendas sometimes, probably a good thing for the American people, but the work of the Feral Gov't to try to help us just WASN'T GETTING DONE. Each executive branch since I don't know when, but something tells me after anti-Communist Ronald Reagan, would add its own new Czar positions.

"Czar" basically means "King", and didn't the US Constitution prohibit that sort of thing? I shouldn't have to answer to any damn King, Russian appellation notwithstanding! Well, OK, it's was just a word used to show that this was going to be a guy, or gal (a Czarita?) who was sovereign in the area of expertise within the political goings-on of the administration. Hence, we had the Energy Czar to run meetings with the various head-butting heads of unconstitutional agencies involved with energy, a Health Czar to run meetings with the various head-butting heads of unconstitutional agencies involved with health, etc. This trend of appointing tax-payer-supported Czars, who one could also call "Tsars" to show one's worldliness and sympathy with the Romanov family, I guess, increased until, what about 1 year and 4 months ago (why exactly then?).

I don't know where the American line of Czars built up to, but probably by Peak Czarism, we had been blessed with a Housing Czar, a Food Czar, a Sewage Czar, a Feminine Products Czar, a Carbon Czar, a Vodka Czar (naturally!), and even a Russia Czar.

However, since the Trump administration started up, I haven't heard Czar-one in the news. Are these guys still there, laying down a heavy Czarist hand on our government agencies and driving the incompetent ones back across the steppes escorting the incompetent ones down the steps? Has the Trump administration quit calling these people Czars to take the heat off of his alleged association with the Russians and their 10's of thousands of dollars of illegal campaign money in the form of facebutt ads? Have the cntrl-left neo-Bolsheviks cornered these Czars out in a dacha in Siberia South Dakota and summarily killed these Czars and their families via firing squad just like the good times old days?

The answer is not known as of press date. Peak Stupidity is unfortunately not in the loop here, as we have recently blocked electronic communication from our Russian sources due to their incessant spamming of the comments section with unreadable Viagra ads.

* BTW, in part 2 of our series on Russia and China and the long-term effects of Communism, I pointed out a great epic movie called Nicholas and Alexandra along with a book on the treatment of the former aristocrats of Russia after their time, during the 1920's through WWII.

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