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Posted On: Tuesday - May 8th 2018 9:10AM MST
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Now, the website is another story. I've been beating this dead website horse to death, I know, but it's very disappointing that on any browser on any electronic device from phones to old laptops, the Zerohedge website has gone to (software) hell since 3 years back. Why would you put that much software onto the client's computer to where he gives up trying to read your site? Do you come out ahead like this?

Anyway, I TRY to read Zerohedge for the articles, mostly decent, but more for the comments. I've just read someone on another site badmouthing the people who comment there, yet they never fail to enlighten and amuse me. These people seem to really have a handle on the financial/economic matters at the personal and nationwide level (though the ZH site itself leans more toward politics these days). I learned quite a bit from them over the years. Sure, they can get pretty racy, mean, and vulgar, but you need that sometimes. Even insults about someone's mother are much more amusing on Zerohedge than anywhere including meat-insult-space. It's supposedly the Fight Club, right?

This writer had thought of registering long ago to comment there. I didn't in the past just due to the extreme time-wastage this would entail. I wasn't sure if that would be made up for in entertainment value. However, there were a few dozen commenters whom I used to read regularly and really would have liked to say "hey" and "thanks" to. Many of them are gone off the site now anyway.

OK, well the picture above, seen 4 days ago on Zerohedge, is the reason I'm writing today. The picture represents the usual head-in-the-sand ostrich-based satire to point out that people are willfully not paying attention to something (in this case stock-holders are ignoring blah, blah ..) Yeah, we get this image, but it's not usually a woman in the picture. Yes, I get the business suit part of it, but the shapely legs and butt in the air take all emphasis away from the stock market!

What kind of comments do you think you will get under this one? "Yes, the volatility is something to be worried ab ...", "There's lots of geopolitical risk, and the price of oil ..." No, like I said these people never disappoint me. It's worth going to the article for the comments as usual to have a good laugh. I came THIS CLOSE to registering because nobody had the exact good one I had, something about "priming the pump" or "what a nice visit with my broker - I'd like to sleep with you again in the desert tonight... with a billion stars all around.", you know, that sort of thing.

Yeah, it's an entertaining website, and "Tyler Durden" puts these types of pictures up for hits. I know I'd hit that .... article.

PS: The Peak Stupidity blog has featured some comment samples before, on vehicular manslaughter and hot babes that the President may have "hit", though it's hard to get the full flavor of it from these few. Yeah, in terms of opinion and humor, Zerohedge commenters are BEST IN CLASS.

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