Juan McAmnesty and the Hawk and Chihuahua tail

Posted On: Monday - May 7th 2018 6:34PM MST
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(not exactly how it is in the old gospel song, is it?)

The Peak Stupidity blog has a visceral hatred of Senator Juan McAmnesty (Arizona - T*). It's been mostly about his traitorous, and at the same time hypocritical stance on massive immigration. There's not room to explain it all here, but my opinions get shaped by the fact that I don't forget what these types of people say 10 and 20 years ago, like lots of voting Americans do, unfortunately.

Now, on his deathbed, or maybe it's his regular bed for now (OK, bad Seinfeld joke there), he is still jibberjabbing away, trying to be the "maverick" that the Lyin Press just LUVS! He just had to bad-mouth President Trump, and even the always-smiling Sarah Palin, who was the only thing that got this bastard's poll numbers into the black in 2008. As I wrote in an older article on this guy, Speaking Dead of the Ill - re Juan McAmnesty, it's not like I'd be rooting for the guy to die ... if he weren't a sitting, or bed-ridden US Senator, that is. In that post, I explained the same thing about former U-boat commander, Lying-of-the-Senateabed Ted Kennedy. It's like this: as much as I disagree vehemently with a guy like that's politics, were he retired and living in his ranch or compound, there's no reason for me to want him to die. Dying is pretty damn sad.

However, these people hang on in their positions, inviting and invading the world, until death nowadays. Don't they have a pretty good retirement plan? If the only way to get these people out of office is for them to die, I am in favor of them dying. That's all there is to it.

Oh, that was not the humor part, per tag attached! It's just that I read a post referencing some tweets (jeeez!) by, yeah, Steve Sailer again about the Senator's rooting for a hawk to eat his wife's (?) little Chihuahua doggie. Now, who really cares, but if I did, I'd have to root for the hawk myself, which makes me feel creepy ... no, not about birds preying on small mammals, mind you... no... just about being in agreement with still-dammit!-Senator McAmnesty. I may need to take a shower.

However, this scenario suggested a joke that could not be passed up (who knows when the next time some Senator mouths off about birds of prey and their tastes in small canines, right?). So, here goes, and Inspector Clouseau is provided below for reference purposes only.
Juan McAmnesty’s Chihuahua-owning wife: “Juan, do you think your hawk can pick up my dog and take him away?”

Juan McAmnesty: “Non! Your doggie is too eavy.”

(JMCoW let’s her chihuahua run around for a minute.)

JMCoW: “What!! Your hawk just snatched my doggie and is eating him on top of that power pole! OMG! I thought you said my dog was too eavy?!”

JM: “Zhat is not my hawk.”
Thank you. Thank you. I'll be blogging here all week. Don't forget to leave a few comments (Starting with PS) for your moderator, and try the stir-fried Chihuahau ... it's to die for.

* T for Traitor.

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