At the zoo two... how to avoid animal microaggressions

Posted On: Friday - May 4th 2018 4:15PM MST
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Cute, but from the look on his face, probably retarded:

Over a month back, in a post about goings-on at the zoo, Peak Stupidity complained about a young decent-looking treehugger's long rant about the environment that drowned-out the sounds of the seals and sea lions that we intended to watch. The beginning of that rant was more of an apology. The young lady informed us, as if we'd be stupid enough to care, that these sea mammals were not being treated like show animals. We should not be guilty or embarrased, as they were not embarrased. Can animals even get embarrased? That's really the question here.

Bottom line? No, otherwise they would not do their waste elimination right in front of us. I didn't notice any of the animals in the whole zoo heading away from the crowd to the bushes to use the bathroom. Well, the penguins and the particular sea mammals in question can probably get away with it without embarrassment in the same manner as a 10-year old in the swimming pool. No, I don't think the animals being displayed at the zoo have the emotion of embarrasment. They don't feel our microagressions in the same way as our beloved SJW animals do.

There may be other reasons that it's not a nice thing for the animals to be in the zoo, no doubt. However, my solution to that is to keep only the retarded ones. - retarded penguins, retarded monkeys, retarded snow leopards, and retarded brown bears, whatever, they will definitely not feel bad being confined in a smaller area than the natural environment and having people stare at them all day. Even for smart animals, it's all they know after a while, but there may still be some discomfort in their minds. The "learning-challenged" brown bear, however, should be glad he's not in the wild, or he'd have starved or been eaten by now. How are the visitors going to know or care about whether the particular samples of wild animals are the brightest bulbs in the pride? It's a win/win.

Now that I've got that great Simon & Garfunkle song, At the Zoo, in my head from that previous post in my head, let me present another seemingly-lost song by these guys. I write seemingly-lost, as just to me, because At the Zoo and this next one were not on the famous Greatest Hits album that has all that I think of as their classics.

Simon & Garfunkle were REAL New Yorkers (meaning NYC, in this case) back when it was still a very decent place. One can tell from the music, including their summer 1981 concert in Central Park, that these two had a great love for that city. Both At the Zoo and The Only Living Boy in New York evoke their feeling for the Big Apple (don't mind the maggots*). Words aside anyway, this one has such a great tune with some great vocal harmony:

* From a different guy, who understandably did not have quite the same feelings for NYC!

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