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Posted On: Wednesday - May 2nd 2018 10:41AM MST
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Is $9/hr and a chance for that head-barista position worth it?

WWJCMCD?... What Would John Cougar Melon-Camp Do?

NO! AUTHORITY! DOES! NOT! ALWAYS! WIN! Ask me about my dealings with the water department sometime (that's why we have a COMMENTS section, dammit!)

Peak Stupidity having only written briefly and tangentially about the Starbucks story with which the Lyin' Press has created a large brew-haha, I'll add something here today. A site called Stuff Black People Don't Like brought up an aspect of this infotainment that I hadn't yet heard of. Some devious folks have been making some fake coupons (see the article linked to, I have not read about it elsewhere).

The fake coupons, purporting to give free coffees to only black people, or some such thing, are not only a great idea for the trouble they may cause the Star-Cucks. In addition, this kind of thing awakens (especially the young) people to the PC racist BS that they've been living with their whole lives. Look at that guy in the photo - OK, probably staged a bit, but not as much as the whole "Big Incident" itself. Anyway, how much more of that kind of crap, along with the 4-hour struggle session ("The Kind of Training Starbucks Workers Need and Deserve") to come will one guy take?

I have mentioned on the Peak Stupidity blog, then again under that most recent Steve Sailer post just linked to (he goes wild with these kinds of stories - all are in his wheelhouse, if you will) that the young people could learn a lot from the radicals of the 1960's. My point:
One more thing regarding the employees in general and how they will not be backed up by Starbucks’ managment if it works against Starbucks’ virtue signaling. These employees aren’t all stupid. It’d be nice to see just one standing his ground and not worrying one bit about being fired. How much is the job worth vs. the great publicity one may receive for standing up to all the BS for a change?

My brother used to listen to Larry King, on radio, and he related how Larry told this story about all the employess of some retail place letting themselves get fired. They all went across the street telling stories and laughing about it. Yeah, I know it’s not the 1970′s anymore and good jobs (even somewhat decent) jobs are scarce. However, they can’t fire all of you. The first guy to take a stand is a hero and a rebel (so long as others follow …)"
A regular poster, goes by the handle SFG replied:
No, that’s exactly the problem. As you say, it’s not the 1970s, good jobs are scarce, and they *can* fire all of you. There’ll be enough desperate 22-year-olds with loans to pay off to replace you.
I respectfully disagree thusly:
I don’t know, SFG. To me, it’s really just a matter of young people not knowing how to raise hell anymore. If one guys says the equivalent of “f_k this s__t” and walks out, and so do the other 4 people in the store, and they meet across the street at the ice cream shop (per Larry King story), it’s going to really mess up the day for the boss and probably a few weeks. Yes, he will be able to find others, but will he not be worried about how these new employees will act “next time”?

I mean, a job’s a job, but to me these baristas and others who work in and hang out in the coffee shops aren’t on much a career path, and I think most just hope their school loans will be forgiven or written off eventually. How else could they possibly get ahead and form a family? The young people now just don’t have very much to lose. They could spend their time wisely, were they wise, that is, and do the hell-raising that the older folks can’t do anymore.

I wasn’t the type, but even in the recent past, I regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to tell a few (more) people off, and raise more hell in the workplace. It would not have changed my life for the worse, as this bridge-burning thing is only a problem when you run into the scourge of HR, but they don’t work in small business.

I’m not in these young people’s precarious positions though, SFG, so I dunno what I’d do. I can assure you I’d never be that one guy in the picture. I could tell you a couple of “customer service failure” stories that ended up being great memories!

Have the young people forgotten how to raise hell? I couldn't think of a better era in which to go ahead and raise hell, as these young people just don't have very much to lose anymore. The fake coupons and that type of thing are a start. I suppose that kind of action may be the egging-houses, prank-calling, and setting-fences-on-fire of the Current Era. On that note, direct from John Cougar's Melon Camp in the vicinity of Seymour, Indiana ...

"But I've been doin' it since I was a young kid, and I come out grinning."

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